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Sikiru “SK” Alagbada was hailed by “Love Is Blind” viewers as the hero of season three, but a recent turn of events caught everyone off guard. When SK and Raven Ross revealed they were dating during the reunion episode, the relationship quickly gained popularity. But after a mysterious woman claimed to be SK’s girlfriend, all fans started wondering if SK and Raven’s romance was a hoax by Netflix. After noticing that the Pilates instructor deleted photos of the couple from his Instagram account, some people are wondering if SK cheated on Raven. The two have since announced their breakup on social media, leading to much fan speculation.

As soon as a TikTok user named “@HаnnahBethStyle” claimed that she was dating SK, rumors began to circulate about SK being in a relationship with another woman. Hannah Beth, a woman, claimed that the data engineer told her that Raven, his “girlfriend”, was only there “for the money” and that they were just friends. She said: “I didn’t believe him 100 per cent, but he never gave me a reason not to believe him, so I took his word for it and it made sense at the time.” Hannah Beth incorporated the couple’s text messages, romantic exchanges, and cute photos of the couple into her video. She also had screenshots of chats where she had questioned SK about Raven and been rebuffed. We left Ibiza and returned to Madrid, he insisted. I waited to confront him until dinner, I was trying to wrap my head around what I saw. Hannah met SK in April through the dating app Hinge after SK finished filming ‘Love Is Blind’. I asked to see her phone to send photos to myself, but ended up seeing messages from a contact called “girlfriend”. Hannah has since removed the video.

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