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A strong relationship is based on positive feelings of love, understanding and cooperation. Having a contact confidant serves as an anchor that keeps your ship afloat with joy and purpose. However, life develops various feelings as time passes. And even in the best of relationships, you can experience jealousy and insecurity. If you find yourself sailing in this boat, you need to figure out how to deal with jealousy in your relationship.

Health Shots caught up with Dr Kamna Chhibber, Clinical Psychologist and Head of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences at Fortis Healthcare, to understand ways to deal with jealousy in a relationship.

Tips for dealing with jealousy in a relationship

1. Identify the cause of jealousy

Feeling jealous is completely normal at times, however, says the expert: “Identity is what makes you experience the emotions that are coming up.” It is important to understand where these feelings are coming from, because only then can you get out of a specific concern.

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2. Express your concerns to your partner

Once you identify the cause, it’s important to follow up to see if these feelings are the result of internal insecurity or the result of your partner’s actions. If it has something to do with your partner’s behavior, then the expert feels that you need to bring up the concerns you have with your partner that may be giving rise to these feelings. This way, you will attract more positive energy into your relationship for the better.

3. Talk to someone else to get more clarity

There may be times when you feel lost when trying to understand your feelings of jealousy. For more clarity, you can talk or discuss the issue with another person for better clarity and understanding.

4. Take a holistic approach to dealing with jealousy with your partner

Feeling inferior to your partner because you may feel your partner has attractive behavior or traits compared to yourself is okay. However, don’t let these feelings hinder the progress of your relationship. The expert suggests trying to assess the situation more holistically and recognize that you would also have qualitatively superior traits and abilities.

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Resolve relationship issues amicablyResolve relationship issues amicably. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Never lose sight of the positive aspects

As much as jealousy makes you feel, it’s imperative that you motivate yourself to have a balanced view and focus on the positivity you bring to the lives of others. Rebuild trust and bond!

6. Change your focus to better things

Whenever you find strong emotions moving you, shift your attention to better things and remind yourself to be calm before reacting or responding. It is always advisable to never give in to impulsive thoughts or feelings, and always give yourself time to evaluate things with emotional maturity.

7. Always focus on getting stronger

Remember that you are your competition and not your partner. Always invest in getting stronger first. This will give you the emotional bandwidth to improve the relationships around you.

With these tips, try to overcome jealousy in a relationship to create a deep and fulfilling bond.

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