Kaimo K & Sharon Valerona – The Final Day [Amsterdam Trance] Extended in 2022

Updated: 07-2022

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Next up on Amsterdam Trance Records, Kaimo K & Sharon Valerona bring us ‘The Final Day’. Pure Vocal Trance bliss!

Enjoy and PLAY LOUD!

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@Progressive Trance

Close your eyes
Now can you see
There’s a world in the dark
That I want you to meet

Together forever
Or better alone
Are we gonna find out
Or leave it unknown

Our fates wrapped in a mystery
Made from what we choose
We both remain in silence
Cause we have so much to loose

As night sets in
We shine our light in the dark
It’s filling up the room
And ignites the spark

Put your hand in mine
And let’s walk away
To the beat of our own drums
Till the rhythm fades

Although you’ve touched
My heart and soul
Two halves can’t always
Make a whole

In the night
Our hearts won’t beat alone
Paths aligned
But nothing set in stone

My heart beats just for you
But you cannot stay
We’re lovers on the loose
For the final day

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