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Kane Williamson's spectacular dive won the Test for the Black Caps at Hagley Oval

Joe Allison/Getty Images

Kane Williamson’s spectacular dive won the Test for the Black Caps at Hagley Oval

The Indian Premier League and T20 cricket may be tempting, but it’s the romance of Test cricket that keeps Kane Williamson going.

“It’s still very nice to be part of all formats of the game and nice to be challenged in that way, but Test cricket is special,” he said two days before this summer’s final Test at Basin Reserve against Sri Lanka.

“There’s a romance and a bond to working really hard for a long time, committing to what’s in front of you, taking baby steps for five days and ending up in some of the situations we’ve been in.”

These situations in the last Tests have resulted in two nail-biting endings not only for the fans but also for the players.

Kane Williamson anchored the second innings for the Black Caps in the first Test against Sri Lanka at Hagley Oval.

Joe Allison/Getty Images

Kane Williamson anchored the second innings for the Black Caps in the first Test against Sri Lanka at Hagley Oval.

Williamson anchored the innings first against England at the Basin Reserve with 132 in the second innings to give the Black Caps a fighting chance, and was there at the end on Monday at Hagley Oval against Sri Lanka with 121 not out.

“We hope a lot of people will enjoy it. As players, it’s special for us to be in any test match. To come out with results by the best margins, you always want to do better as a team, but without a doubt, as a show, it’s something that a lot of people have enjoyed.”

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Williamson is incredibly shy of his recent Test records, surpassing Ross Taylor as the most prolific Test scorer in New Zealand history and fast approaching 8000 Tests.

With 27 Test centuries to his name, he’s not looking to slow down, but for him it’s not about that.

“[Test centuries] they are special, but when you sit in the dressing room afterwards you don’t sit down and think about yourself, you think about the five days and the contributions that have been made throughout… all this must be recognized in the same way way”.

Despite missing the ODI series in Sri Lanka to play in the IPL for Gujarat Titans, the 32-year-old has no plans to retire from international cricket anytime soon.

“I’m not that old!” he laughed

“And I’m enjoying the environment, the team and the challenges that come with the international game.”

As for that spectacular match-winning dive against Sri Lanka earlier in the week, is there any chance of a career as an Olympic diver following his retirement as a cricketer?

“I know you’re taking the mic!” he laughed

“I didn’t seem too agile there! And to be honest, it was a bit later because I thought I was going to Neil’s [Wagner] end… but I thought as I was getting to the crease, I might have to throw in a little just in case. It was an amazing game of cricket to be a part of.”

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