Kittenfishing is the scary new dating trend you’ve probably never heard of

If worrying about getting catfished isn’t enough, dating app users now have to be careful about getting catfished!

What is kitty fishing? A play on words, kitty fishing is a less offensive act involving misrepresentation on a dating profile.

So, kitten, you know, being smaller than a cat.

Kittenfishing is an online dating trend that tricks people who view dating profiles.

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Anyway, it took me a minute to understand why anyone would care about kitty fishing if it was less dramatic than cat fishing in the first place. However, once I’ve learned more about this shady little tactic, it scares me even more.

The act of catfishing is like telling little white lies while online. Even if someone isn’t pretending to be a completely different person, there are some lies lurking that could really put a potential relationship in jeopardy.

For example, I might post photos on my dating profile from a time when I was 15 pounds thinner. I might as well say I’m college educated when I actually dropped out of community college halfway through.

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Imagine a man saying he’s 30 when he’s actually 35. These fissures are essentially harmless, but it would be surprising to discover the truth regardless. I mean, nobody wants to be cheated!

But what makes matters even worse is that this happens so often that many people don’t even realize they’re doing it.

And it’s downright sad that they don’t know that attracting a date to their skinny profile pic will only hurt them when they meet in person, ten more pounds. Come on, you’re literally setting yourself up for failure.

Dating app Hinge has coined this new term and has collected some juicy data about users who have done so before.

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Hinge says 38 percent of men and 24 percent of women say they’ve been catfished before. However, 2 percent of men and only 1 percent of women say they have catfished someone else. The numbers don’t add up, which means people are either too embarrassed to admit it or don’t even know they’re doing it. wow

So, now that you know the answer to what kitty fishing is, even though it seems like it’s a little difficult to avoid, you can at least do your part to stop it on your end of the online dating spectrum .

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