Koffee With Karan S7 Ep 12 Highlights: Gauri Khan’s background as SRK’s wife doesn’t bother…

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Koffee With Karan S7 Ep 12 Highlights: Gauri Khan returned to Koffee With Karan after 17 years. and who did you tag with? His friends for over three decades: Maheep Kapoor and Bhavna Panday. The episode was a fun ride with the three women talking about their kids, their share of struggles, and how they made sure their individual personalities weren’t diminished after adding their husbands’ last names. Here are the highlights of Koffee With Karan S7 Ep 12:

Gauri Khan shares how being SRK’s wife isn’t always good

When Gauri Khan appeared on KJo’s show, the host kindly asked her about the baggage she has to carry as the wife of superstar Shah Rukh Khan. While many assume that she has it easy because of her status symbol, the celebrity revealed that there is also a downside. She said there have been times when people don’t want to engage with her professionally because they have certain presumptions about her.

“When considering a new project, there are people who consider me a designer. But there are also times when it doesn’t work that way because sometimes, people don’t want to get stuck with the baggage of working with Shah Rukh Khan’s wife. It works against me 50% of the time,” he shared.

Maheep Kapoor Opens Up About When ‘Money Was Tight’

Fame doesn’t last forever and no one knows that better than celebrities. Maheep Kapoor, wife of Sanjay Kapoor has witnessed it. She and her family had to live through the ordeal of the erosion of fame. He captured the experience in the latest episode: “There were times when Sanjay sat at home for years without a job. Money was tight. My kids have grown up watching that along with the glamor and glitz.”

Being part of one of Bollywood’s biggest families didn’t make life any easier either: “People around me sometimes made me feel like we were the unsuccessful wing of the Kapoor family,” she added .

Bhavna Panday reveals Chunky Panday’s revolving door status

On the same lines of fading fame, Bhavna Panday revealed that by the time she married Chunky Panday, he was already moving away from the ‘main star’ image. I knew he was a popular and loved actor, but by the time he became a solid part of it, he was moving away from superstar status and so things didn’t get any easier in terms of drastic changes.

He also said that Chunky was the “revolving door” size. When Karan probed her further about this, she said that before she got married, she learned that it was called a ‘revolving door’. “One girl would go in and the other would come out the other side.”

Message from Suhana, Shanaya and Ananya

The three best friends virtually joined forces to spill some beans about their daughters. From sharing how Gauri wears shirts to airports to Bhavna and Maheep splashing around, Suhana, Shanaya and Ananya were hilarious.

Gauri Khan’s dating tips for Suhana and Aryan

Gauri Khan won the Koffee basket and she deserved it for all her quirky answers. When asked for dating advice for Suhana and Aryan, she said that her daughter should not date two men at the same time. While for Aryan, he said he can date as many women as he wants before choosing one to marry, after that, the dating should end.

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