Last night’s ‘SNL’ featured the ‘Parks and Recreation’ crossover you never expected – InsideHook

This week’s Saturday Night Live was hosted by Aubrey Plaza, whose 2022 included acclaimed turns in the film Emily the Criminal and the second season of White Lotus. Plaza is also able to bring precise comic timing or intense dramatic energy to a scene, com ads for this episode proven, and getting the nod to host was an eminently understandable decision by the show’s producers.

Things got especially meta when the Weekend Update arrived and Plaza appeared as her Parks and Recreation character April Ludgate, there to offer advice to young people interested in working in government. Her appearance was entirely in keeping with her Parks and Recreation career disinterested nature, with advice including, “If you’re young, you should get a job as a sweeper or something.”

The advice continued along these lines for a while, culminating in Plaza’s comment with oddly practical guidelines: “Be a dog catcher and say you couldn’t find one.”

At the time, Plaza noted that his boss might have some hotter ideas; marks the return of Amy Poehler to Weekend Update, albeit in the character of Leslie Knope. “I saw this when Seth Meyers was doing it himself, with no one else,” Poehler said.

It’s not the first time there’s been a Parks and Recreation reunion since the show ended, and Poehler and Plaza fell right back into their old groove. As intra-network crossovers go, it was very solid.

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