‘Late Bloomer’ TikTok takes the shame out of dating in your 30s and beyond – Glam

Our society pressures people in general to reach milestones at certain ages, but we seem to judge women especially harshly when they don’t fit into the life plans laid out for them. Much of this comes from the concept of the ‘biological clock’, where it is believed that a woman’s fertility begins to decline after the age of 32, because Health line.

Women tend to feel more pressure to achieve goals related to relationships, families, and children more quickly than men. This may be because society still views women primarily as wives and mothers, and anything else they can achieve, from financial independence to thriving careers to personal growth and genuine happiness, pales in comparison. . While single men dating in their 30s can feel judged by their marital status, single women dating in their 30s are often stereotyped as miserable, lonely, or failures because they haven’t married or had children. Contrast this with the friendlier labels that often attract older single men, such as the bachelor, and the double standard is clear.

The mental health experts of Creation of psychology and counseling of change confirm that this unfair pressure can make single women dating in their 30s second-guess their own choices and even begin to judge themselves. More importantly, this constant anxiety can lead some women to settle down before they are ready, accepting relationships in which they are not treated properly and ultimately being unhappy.

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