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Justin Langer’s latest interview risks being a distraction from the upcoming Test series against the West Indies, fears Mike Hussey. (Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images)

Justin Langer says yes often talked to people like Pat Cummins and Steve Smith since turning down the short-term contract offer made to him earlier this year. The former Australian cricket coach’s headline interview earlier this week has done just that it sparked a lot of discussion about what Langer thinks of the current state of Australian cricket.

The 52-year-old extended the saga that saw him walk away from the head coaching job amid rumors that his relationship with the players was strained. Langer slammed those rumors in an interview with the Back Chat podcast, calling those he believed to have talked behind his back “cowards.”

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In a subsequent interview published on Friday, Langer sought to clarify that he was not directing that description at Cummins or any other player, insisting that any talk of bad blood between the two was “absolute rubbish”.

Langer said he was enjoying life after leaving coaching behind and was able to enjoy the success he achieved with the team, mainly winning the T20 World Cup, a series win Ashes and Australia’s return to the top of the Test rankings.

Former team-mate Michael Hussey is concerned Langer was wrong to air some of his complaints, although the former manager maintained he held no hard feelings. He has warned the players not to get distracted by the renewed saga ahead of the three-Test series against the West Indies.

Hussey also speculated that the players simply wanted out of the saga, especially in light of their underwhelming performance in the T20 World Cup recently.

“(Langer) is obviously still upset about how it all went down, and maybe it could have been handled better from a Cricket Australia perspective,” Hussey said. “My sense is that the players have been pretty quiet about it all. I’ve cleared the way, they just want to move on.

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“There’s no point in making it a distraction for them. They can’t afford to make it a distraction for them. They’ll be asked about it, but they’ll just have to focus on their preparation for the test”.

However, he admitted that his choice to turn down the six-month extension offered by Cricket Australia had not been the way he had approached his time at the end of the job. Langer insisted, however, that he would always be proud of what the team had achieved, especially in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I keep reading that Langer needs to let it go, it’s bitter and twisted, oh man. I’ve never been happier in my entire life. I feel so happy, the only thing I’m not happy about is what’s happened the last days, it doesn’t make sense,” he said.

“I loved my four years coaching Australia, it was great. It didn’t end the way I would have liked – that’s life, that’s the business, it’s a tough business. I have good memories.

“Those guys we’re talking about, I ate with them, I drank with them, I celebrated with them, we got through Covid together, we got through the sandpaper together, we won the World Cup together, we won the Ashes together. They are like my little brothers!”

Justin Langer insists the relationship with the players remains strong

Langer was particularly frustrated that his comments about anonymous sources talking about him in the media had been interpreted as a shot at the players.

He had claimed he was frustrated that some comments were not as close as he would have liked, but was adamant that he praised the likes of Cummins and former ODI captain Aaron Finch for their honesty.

“Ironically, I talked to Patty on Monday, we had a long talk about how the team was doing, how he was doing, how his family was doing. And some of that garbage is complete and utter garbage,” Langer said.

“I have a lot of respect for Patty Cummins, I think she’s a brilliant player, I think she’s an outstanding human being. So any idea that there’s a war between Patty and I couldn’t be further from the truth.

Former coach Justin Langer has qualified from

Former coach Justin Langer has branded the sources who leaked against him “cowardly”, despite Test captain Pat Cummins’ attempts to mend relations. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

“There was talk of associating the word coward with Pat Cummins. If you listen to the podcast, I was actually praising Pat, I was praising Finchy, I was praising Tim Paine for giving me the comment. I was actually congratulating them, not criticizing them – them as it came out. It turns into a forest fire, what do you do?

“I’ve been in touch with these guys since I left the team and I can’t wait for the Test match to start next week, and the reason I can’t wait is because I haven’t seen them. I haven’t seen the boys since I finished in February.”

In his appearance on the Back Chat podcast, Langer insisted he was not an angry coach, and that the players had misinterpreted his silence and reflection after defeats. The 52-year-old praised former Test captain Tim Paine’s comments but claimed others, including Cummins and Aaron Finch, should have been in charge earlier.

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