Linus Tech Tips’ “hard R” bug nearly canceled YouTuber: HITC

Linus Tech Tips recently discussed his earlier frequent use of the “hard r” slur, but the term wasn’t exactly what he thought it was.

Everyone makes mistakes, but when you’re a YouTuber with 15 million subscribers, you feel the worst possible consequences: goodbye to your career.

Linus Tech Tips, real name Linus Sebastian, nearly ended his career March 11 on his WAN Show podcast, co-hosted by Luke Lafreniere. Even the latter was stunned by the words that Linus spoke, but luckily it was all a misunderstanding.

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Linus Tech Tips Admits to Accidentally Using the ‘Hard R’

In the latest episode of the WAN Podcast, Linus and Lucas strayed from their usual topics of discussion about computers, software, gaming, and all things tech. The conversation turned to the question of how old YouTube content would be considered inappropriate by today’s social standards.

The pair agreed that the old content, while not an excuse, was from a “different time” and could therefore be considered insensitive. And that’s when things started to get questionable for Linus.

The tech expert, 36, explained how “the casual kind of gay humor, the casual use of the hard R” is now unacceptable, before admitting that the “hard R’s” were part of his vocabulary .

“Yeah, really! Like, there was an episode of American Dad,” he said. “It wasn’t for shock value, it was just used. And here’s the thing, right? That was like 2003 or something, 2002. I won’t deny that I dropped my fair share of hard Rs back then because the term R dura didn’t even exist.

Luke, taken aback by her confession, was silent for a few seconds before clarifying the term.

“Are you talking about the hard N word R?” he asked.

Linus replied, “What? No!”

“Oh, I’m pretty sure that’s how people use the term,” Luke replied.

“Am I wrong? Like the one with a mental disability?” added his co-host.

Luke explained: “Hard R means ending the N-word with a hard R.”

Things were quickly patched up, and Luke admitted that they dodged a bullet. So, no, Linus wasn’t dropping racial slurs in his early days on YouTube.

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Linus’ hard setback in R was crazy for fans

Now that things have been resolved, fans are looking at the situation with joy. Linus totally showed his age when he messed up the term, but luckily Luke was on hand to save the day. That said, Luke is only four years younger.

“Linus is so Canadian he didn’t even know what the term ‘hard r’ meant LMAO,” laughed one on Twitter.

A second person named Linus on the brink of professional death as one of the year’s “10 best moments.”

“Linus Tech Tips woke up he didn’t know the hard r was racist lol,” added another.

“My eyes have never rolled out of my fucking skull faster than when I heard Linus Tech Tips say in an interview, ‘I casually used the hard R back in the day.'” There was a physical beat of sweat on my forehead for his entire career,” one person wrote.

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