Looking for love? 5 Popular Dating Apps in India – Take Your Pick!

Dating Apps in India: There may be cynics and frequent controversies surrounding dating apps, but their growing popularity cannot be disputed. In today’s fast-paced life, you may meet many people every day, but finding that one person you want to spend time with, whether it’s for a casual dinner or a long-term relationship, isn’t easy. That’s where dating apps come to the rescue. Depending on your intention, preference and relationship goal, you can select a dating app that suits your requirements. Here are 5 popular dating apps in India that you can try:

Top 5 Popular Dating Apps in India You Can Try

1. Bumble

This dating app has been slowly eclipsing Tinder, which remains one of the most popular dating apps in India. The USP of the app is that it prevents creation of fake profiles. The app verifies profile photos when an account is created. So, if you’re sick of fake profiles and useless swipes, Bumble is the app to try. Although the app is free, there are many additional features with Bumble Premium that you can consider if you are looking for that one true love!

2. Tinder

Tinder is where it all started in India! Although they remain very popular among a wide user base, several fake profiles on the dating app have tarnished its reputation. The downside is that Tinder doesn’t have a check to make sure its users are genuine or not. The user-friendly app is easy to use, offers complete privacy protection and can match you with someone in a short period of time. Again, premium user will enjoy more dating options.

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3. Hapn

This is a unique app that lets you find everyone you’ve crossed paths with in real life. If you like a profile and they also show interest, it’s a match! You can make a video call or a text chat with your partner. Happn matches users based on the locations where they have crossed paths. The app uses a feed based on the location of users’ phones and lists possible matches.

4. Corridor

If you’re serious about dating, this is the app for you. According to a user on the Aisle website, the app is “good for those who have expectations about their future partner.” So this app is not about casual dating but for those who are looking for long term relationships. Not just people nearby, this app allows you to like a profile from another country or another city.

5. Hinge

If you are particular about appearances, this may be the app for you. In this app you can like profile photos and bio and also leave comments. Based on the user’s interest type, you can understand the other person and contact them later.

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