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Johnny Depp and Joelle Rich hanging out during a court break during their civil trial with Amber Heard in Virginia.
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Since winning the defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard, his ex-wife who accused him of abuse, Johnny Depp has confidently returned to the public eye. The latest development on his comeback tour are reports that he is dating Joelle Rich, a London-based lawyer who defended him in a similar defamation case in the UK.

Depp’s British lawsuit against a group of British newspapers after one of his publications labeled him a “woman beater” saw much of the same evidence as the US trial, but reached the opposite verdict. A judge dismissed it in July 2020, finding that Depp put Heard in “fear for her life”.

Between court sessions, Depp apparently found time to meet with one of his lawyers. It’s unclear when he and Rich first started dating, but “Page Six” says she is separated from her husband and is in the process of getting a divorce. A source claims they had “discreet” links to hotels when they first started seeing each other. Apparently so was Rich present in Depp’s trial in the United States, although not in a professional capacity. We claims that their relationship is “serious”.

Rich is not the lawyer you might expect Depp to be romantically involved with. A flurry of rumors during his trial in the United States theorized that he was seeing Camille Vasquez, his lead attorney in the United States. Vásquez denied the rumors and called them “sexist”, saying the idea of ​​dating Depp was an “unethical charge” but “comes with the territory” of being a lawyer. Seems to be friendly enough with Rich, they were in the image hugging each other after the Virginia jury’s verdict was read. It seems Depp has a robust support team behind him as he embarks on his many close work places.

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