Malaika Arora talks about society’s double standards and says, “Divorced women are still…

Malaika Arora is one of the most popular actresses in Bollywood. He has etched his name in the hearts of millions, courtesy his incredible dancing and acting skills. Also, the diva often grabs the limelight due to her unique and quirky ensembles. Malaika is currently in the headlines as she is all set to host her new show, Moving In With Malaika.

Apart from her professional life, Malaika often draws attention for her relationship with Arjun Kapoor. The much-in-love couple often captures everyone’s hearts with their sizzling chemistry and cute PDA moments. For the uninitiated, Malaika was earlier married to Bollywood actor Arbaaz Khan. However, the duo split in 2017 after living in wedded bliss for 19 years.

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In a recent conversation with ETimes, Malaika Arora opened up about the negativity she receives on social media. He even talked about society’s double standards. Talking about the same, Malaika said that today women have to stand up for themselves and speak their minds. Elaborating further, Malaika mentioned that even today, divorced women are looked down upon and this needs to change. In his words:

“I think women today should be able to stand up and say the things that you feel strongly about and show that it’s okay. It’s okay to be, to find, to live the life that I am. I mean in the era and today’s age. Divorced women, single mothers, etc., are actually looked down upon and it’s not much… you know, when I say looked down upon there’s always a lot of criticism. There’s someone or the other who has some kind of comment and I think we need to change that. And then I want to change if I can, in my little one.”


Earlier, in an interview with Masala magazine, Malaika had opened up about her life after her split from ex-husband, Arbaaz Khan. Talking about the same, she revealed that she had gone through the lowest phase of her life and had to think about the reactions she would get from the society, her son, Arhaan and many more. The actress had said:

“I went through my personal struggles. I went through separation, I went through having to deal with family pressures, I went through having to deal with how my child would do, how I would do it, what society would be like , how would I do it, I’ll be able to work, I’ll be able to just be myself. All these thoughts went through my head. I think it was probably my lowest point in my life because it was such a huge upheaval in my life and a such a big change for me. It wasn’t just me personally, there was the family involved, there was my son involved, there were many other aspects involved.”

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Malaika and Arbaaz are on cordial terms now and have been co-parenting their son, Arhaan Khan. Earlier, in an interview with Masala magazine, Malaika Arora had spoken about her equation with her ex-husband, Arbaaz Khan. Talking about this, the actress said that she is a friend of Arbaaz and would always wish him the best. She mentioned that after the breakup, both of them are in a happier and calmer place. In his words:

“We have a better equation now. We’re a lot more mature. We’re just happier, calmer people. He’s a wonderful man, I just wish him the best in life. Sometimes people are wonderful, but they’re just not together . . . That’s the way he is. I would always wish him the best.”


What do you think of Malika’s take on society’s double standards? Let us know!

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