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Diamond’s mother, Sanura Kassim. [Instagram]

Diamond Platnumz’s mother, Sanura Kassim aka Mama Dangote, wrote a beautiful birthday message to Zuchu on Tuesday as she turned one, referring to her as her daughter-in-law.

Sanura wished Zuchu a life full of blessings, perhaps settling the debate over who her son will marry.

“I wish you a long life full of blessings. My father-in-law Zuhura Othman Suod @officialzuchu,” he wrote.

Zuchu in turn replied, “Thank you mamaangu.”

This comes just a day after Zuchu confirmed she is in a relationship with Diamond via a TikTok video.

In the video, the Kwi Kwi crooner is seen reacting to a photo of the Waah singer being shown by her main dancer, Angela.

Zuchu [Instagram]

Zuchu had previously dismissed claims that she was romantically involved with Diamond stating that she would never have a relationship with her boss.

“Nothing like this will ever happen at WCB because there is no evidence to prove what people say. We all know how people like to snoop and in fact if I was intimate with my boss they would have found something.” he said.

Earlier this year, Diamond confirmed that she was in a relationship although she did not reveal who her partner was.

“I’m in a relationship and I’m happy. My relationship has given me a lot of satisfaction,” she said.

Asked about his relationship with Zuchu, the singer maintained that Zuchu was a colleague and they were working on several projects together.

“Zuchu is signed to my label and has now come of age… that’s why I brought her to this event which is the first of many,” he added.

diamond [Instagram]

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