Man secures job interview through dating app, netizens say: ‘If you’re unemployed, every…

Adnaan got a job interview with a startup because of Bumble. Photo: Twitter/@theadnaankhan


A man named Adnaan landed a job interview through Bumble. He posted the screenshot of the conversation on Twitter. The use of dating apps has increased dramatically, making Bumble, Tinder and Hinge matchmaking for the country’s youth. However, one man proved that these apps can not only get you the partner of your dreams, but also the job of your dreams. A man named Adnaan shared a screenshot of his chat with a plausible match on Bumble.

The chat, which was supposed to be their getting to know each other conversation, took a different turn within seconds. The conversation started with the person on the other end saying that they were currently working in the talent acquisition department of a startup.

Adnaan then revealed that he is pursuing a master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering. He also asked the person on the other end if they could help him find a job at the startup.

His question did not anger the person. Instead, the person asked if Adnaan would pass out this year. Soon, he landed a job interview with the startup.

Sharing his story on Twitter, Adnaan stated: “Use LinkedIn for jobs I use Bumble, we are not the same bro.”

Meanwhile, Adnaan’s story started many discussions on social media. “A long time ago there was a meme that said, any app is tinder if you’re Indian enough. I guess in the age of layoffs, our priorities have changed,” said one. Another stated: “IMO you’re just doing God’s work balancing people flirting on LinkedIn with recruiting on Bumble.”

A third user said: “If you’re unemployed enough, every app is LinkedIn.”

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