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If you thought dating apps couldn’t get any worse, well: enjoy.

Automatic appointments

As if dating apps weren’t horrible enough, alleged ex-Tinder employees have created a particularly macabre app called CupidBots, vice reports, and wants to completely automate the dating process. Even worse, its ideal users are – and this is real – men too pathetic or too lazy to ask a woman out.

Now, guys with zero game can try their luck with CupidBots. For $15 a month, an AI algorithm will select women for them on the dating app of their choice, based on their past hits.

And what exactly is the AI ​​looking for with its hits? According to what a CupidBot spokesperson told Vice, the AI ​​focuses on similar-looking women who were previously shifted to the right. CupidBot didn’t provide details on how it determines this, but it looks like its AI might be scanning women’s faces…who have no idea that their looks are being so grossly commodified by an algorithm.

However, this is not the worst thing about CupidBots. Beyond simple healing, it also deploys an AI chatbot to break the ice with anyone who matches its user.

The AI ​​then impersonates the man behind the dating profile and continues to talk and flirt with its unsuspecting target, until the woman accepts a date or shares her number. At this point, the application sends a notification to the user informing him of the date he has just secured. And no, at no point does the bot reveal its non-human nature.

“We encourage our users to tell women once they’ve gotten their contact information,” the spokesperson told Vice.

Objectifying the nightmare

While the CupidBots spokesperson insisted that the goal isn’t to “objectify women,” everything about this app sure goes out of its way to treat women as something to be auto-healed and cheat on. for them to play

Unsurprisingly, the motives of CupidBot’s creators are as dull and misguided as you might expect.

The company claims that straight men, and that’s a real quote, from a real spokesperson “dating apps suffer the most” and that they are the “most disadvantaged” of Tinder. That’s exactly what a straight man who hasn’t been successful on a dating app would say. Which probably has nothing to do with, say, being the kind of person who would think of an app like this. The spokesperson also explained that due to the “psychological impact” dating has on “young men in particular”, Tinder is a “net social harm”.

They are clearly not familiar with the research that consistently shows how most women on dating apps have suffered some kind of harassment. Possibly because they’re exactly the kind of people who think they’re fixing the “net social harm” of dating apps by creating an app that uses artificial intelligence to…harass women into dating them.

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