MOST INCREDIBLE Dutch Imports and Inventions in 2022

Updated: 07-2022

Did you know that you probably use Dutch inventions every day? Watch this video to find out which ones you should be thankful for!

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9. Oliebollen
Similar to the smoutebollen dessert from Belgium, oliebollen are scoops of dough that are deep fried. So pretty much, it’s what a lot of people would call a donut hole, just way better. Just look at that doughy goodness with powdered sugar on top. Sometimes the best things in life are the simplest. What’s more is that the Netherlands is often cited as the place where donuts were invented, though there’s been some debate about that, too.

8. Speed Camera
The history of what many would call the Speed Camera goes as far back as the start of the camera itself. It was first conceived around 1905–though it was later that century in 1958 did Dutch company Gastometer BV actually produce what would be considered the first speed camera so that Maurice Gastonides, a rally driver, could better look over the average speeds going down his race track. Now you can see speed cameras on every corner, watching everything you do on the road.

7. Submarine
Back in 1620, Dutch inventor Cornelius van Drebbel is said to be the first to build a submarine. It probably looked pretty different to the hunks of metal you think of submarines looking like today as van Drebbel made his submarine using a rowboat made of wood wrapped in leather. Plus, since it was the early 17th century, there wasn’t an electrical engine to power it. Which of course means operators had to row it underwater.

6. Electric Ladyland in Amsterdam
Unless you’ve been under the influence of psychedelic drugs, you’re probably never experienced anything like the Electric Ladyland Museum in Amsterdam. Claiming to be the world’s only fluorescent museum of its kind, it’s definitely worlds apart from your local Natural History museum. Black lights help set the scenery, since when they come on, patrons are able to be immersed in the colorful, dream-like rooms.

5. Hagelslag
Similar to fairy bread that’s said to have originated in Australia, the Dutch have their own version of sprinkles on bread in the form of hagelslag–chocolate sprinkles as spread on white bread. Created by Gerard de Vries in 1936, hagelslag has risen to popularity in the Netherlands ever since. And it’s a pretty simple concept, yet full of satisfaction and sweetness

4. Superyachts
On top of all the things you didn’t know were things either invented in the Netherlands or were specialized there, also count in elegant superyachts. Being located in the North Sea means that the Dutch have always had lots of time to specialize in ships–mainly superyachts. No, that isn’t a misplaced cruiseship. It’s Symphony, a Feadship superyacht built in the Netherlands. For a while, it was known under the name of Project 808, until–quite appropriately–officially named as Symphony. Here it is being transported across the Gouda Railway. Maybe one day we’ll all save up enough to take a cruise on the ocean in one of these things

3. Vincent Van Gogh
Mocked during his time, Vincent Van Gogh ended up being one of the most famous and prolific of artists ever. The 19th century painter was often said to be mad while his landscapes, still lifes, and self-portraits appeared like swirls of reality. But it was this style that would be his defining look that would later be beloved by many. The Dutch Artist is one of the most iconic painters of all time, having painted the likes of his famous self-portraits in 1889, “Vase with 15 Sunflowers,” in 1888 and perhaps his most famous “Starry Night” in 1889.

2. Bluetooth
Dutch electrical engineer Dr. Jaap Haartsen is known for the invention of what has been dubbed as bluetooth. It was while he was working for Ericsson, a Dutch company that specializes in telecommunications equipment, in the early to mid 90s did Haartsen design what would later become bluetooth. Wwithout Haartsen, we wouldn’t have the wireless exchange standard we use so frequently. So think of that the next time you’re connecting the music from your phone to jam out to in your car.

1. Wi Fi
A man known as Victor Hayes is often referred to as the “Father of Wi Fi” and it is him along with those working in the IEEE 802.11 group that worked on Wireless Local Area Networks in the Netherlands that we have to thank for what helps many of us do our jobs and saves us from boredom: Wi Fi. Named as a pun on the phrase “hi fi” and the word “wireless” the precursor to Wi Fi was brought to the world in 1997 and the Wi Fi we know today would not have been possible without the contributions of that group chaired by Hayes.