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Time for an intervention… or is it?

When you’re wearing rose-colored glasses, it’s hard to see our romantic relationships rationally and reasonably.

So, if a friend gives their two cents on your relationship, do you heed the advice or steer the other way?

In the last one Official Married at First Sight podcast episode, relationship expert Alessandra Rampolla makes it very clear that it’s about being cautious.

“I think being selective about who you listen to, but also being critical of what you listen to and ultimately being able to hear your own opinion about what’s being brought up is important,” she explains.

You can listen to Episode 6 of the Official MAFS Podcast here:

Some argue that you shouldn’t give advice unless asked, but as a friend, how do you speak up and step in if you feel compelled to?

Fellow MAFS expert John Aiken puts the question this way: “I think the first thing I do is think, ‘Well, can I live with myself if I don’t say anything?’

EPISODE 23 SUMMARY: Alyssa leaves Duncan to face the experts alone while another couple leaves the experiment at the engagement ceremony.

And when something needs to be said, Alessandra explains that there’s one approach you could consider.

“It has to be from the perspective of your experience: what you’re feeling, what you’re seeing, what your concerns are, not vilifying your friend or their partner,” she says.

Alessandra Rampolla and John Aiken gave their advice on dealing with people who interfere in your relationship. (new)

John agrees: “Take a deep breath, pull your person aside and break the news as gently as possible…but you know you’re doing it because it intuitively feels right.”

For more, listen to episode 6 of the official Married at First Sight podcast, which includes discussions on other key issues, including:

Should you give feedback on a friend’s relationship? Can you enjoy the present while planning for the future? How can you make room for a new partner as a single parent?

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