Ohio man convicted of impersonating an African prince

A man inside Ohio was convicted of fraud for federal jury to supplant one African prince!

His name is Daryl Robert Harrison. He called himself Prince Daryl R. Attipoe and his stepfather it helped him too! His stepfather went by the alias Prophet Daryl R. Attipoe!

Between the two of them, they almost cheated 800,000 dollars from more than fourteen different people! They used the money for personal items like expensive cars i houses. And they also used money to cover their personal expenses!

Many of the people they defrauded were members of a churchtelling them he was a prince of Ghana.

Daryl had just been given one twenty years prison sentence for crimes! We wonder how impersonating an African prince will help him in prison?

We have more on that story and more in today’s Other News!

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A Tinder dating dictionary to help older people talk to younger people

The basics of dating haven’t really changed, but the language has.

Gen Zers say they speak a very different language than their parents when it comes to dating. In the past, you could just ask, “Do you want to meet for coffee?” Nowadays you are more likely to “slide into direct messages”.

Now Tinder has launched a “Dating Dictionary” to help older people understand and date younger people. Now I’m not sure we want to encourage older people to seek out more young people, but I guess dating is dating. And there really is someone for everyone.

The truth is that usually people are dating within their own generation. The dictionary will only make it easier to have cross-generational dating conversations.

Many of the terms included were identified in the Tinder Year In Swipe 2022 report published in December. It’s the younger singles who are coining the new phrases and terms to loosely define their relationship status, then they go viral on social media and BOOM, another new dating term!

A popular phrase highlighted by Tinder recently: Someone over the age of 25 may never have heard before “cushioning”. This means maintaining multiple backup relationships to soften the blow if your primary one doesn’t really last,

“Situation” is another addition to the Tinder vernacular. This is the sticky intermediate state when someone is more than a hookup, but not a partner.

So here they are: some terms you might want to know if you’re on Tinder. Yes, times are changing.

A tip: If you’re over 40 and try to use any of these terms, you’ll probably look bad (a disconnect) to anyone under 25.

– Carla Rea

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