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Talk about good value… Match, the parent company behind Tinder and Hinge, is testing to see how much users are willing to spend to get a date. Hinge will test a US$60 (AUD$86) premium tier for “highly motivated dating”, while Tinder is apparently testing a US$500 (AUD$721) version of its app.

House prices are skyrocketing, mortgages are going up, rent is going up. And don’t even get us started on the price of groceries (and utilities). But not only will these essentials cost you more in 2023, so will online dating (if you want to go for the higher end of services).

Hinge is testing a $60-a-month plan, which is a step up from its current $35-a-month paid subscription tier. Paying this premium will give you more exposure, show your likes to other users faster, and give you better recommendations from the algorithm. Basically, you’ll get a bunch of things that the app can already do, but chooses not to do.

Seconds Business Week, Match expects the new payout level to bring in at least $100 million in direct revenue by 2023. Match’s stock price fell sharply last year. However, their stocks have increased compared to the beginning of the year. As for how users will react to this new premium membership, only time (and satisfied swipers) will tell.

“Hmm, get rejected for free or upgrade to $500, that’s a tough choice.”

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Social media users have had a field day with the news, with some saying the ‘highly motivated’ dating sounds like a synonym for ‘desperate’ and that money would be ‘better spent on OnlyFans’. others he said “no amount of money will make Danny DeVito look like Chris Hemsworth.”

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