ONLY Speaking Dutch For 24 Hours: How to Learn Any Language! 🇳🇱 *with subtitles* in 2022

Updated: 07-2022

Hallo! Welcome to me trying to speak only Dutch for 24 hours! I’ve been learning Dutch throughout quarantine because it’s my Mum’s mother tongue. Enjoy the bad grammar and confusion of my brother while we bake vegan cookies!! ✌️ I hope this can serve as inspiration for how to learn any new language!

Advice for language learning :
– Immerse yourself as much as possible. Forcing yourself to think through daily tasks in the target language is so useful.
– Don’t fixate only on grammar and try speaking!
– Practise. I have a Mexican friend who is learning Dutch and he’s been so helpful to speak to!

Watch Me Learning Dutch Intensively for 1 Week:
Watch Me Speaking Dutch with my Mum:

enjoy 🦋

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Casual Magic of the Day: I had my mid-internship review with my manager today and it went really well! Lots of good feedback to improve on. I’m grateful for feeling like I am growing.
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How old are you? ~ 20 (woah, what!! i feel old, sigh)
Where are you from? ~ The UK! Near London.
Where do you go to university? ~ Minerva Schools at KGI. I just spent my first year in San Francisco!
Did you take a gap year? ~ Yes! From 2018-2019, I interrailed Europe, worked in London, backpacked Australia, did a French language immersion in France and spent 3 months in Uganda.

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