Pastor advises young adults not to let secular music and movies shape their view of love and relationships

A Texas pastor advised young people not to let secular music and fantasy movies shape their view of what love and relationships are.

Advice for young people

Pastor David Marvin of Watermark Community Church in Dallas has a powerful message about love and relationship for young adults during a sermon last week. The director of The Porch, a ministry focused on young adults, advised young people not to be discipled by Taylor Swift and Disney when it comes to love.

He also mentioned some common mistakes that Christians make when they meet. The first mistake he pointed out is believing the “myth” that there is “happily ever after.” And that a couple relationship does not require difficulties.

“You’ve been disciplined by Disney since you were 5 years old. It’s true. The messages about fairy tales and love and what to look for in the hero and who lived happily ever after have been ingrained in your mind and my mind from the first breath you took,” Pastor David said.

Love and relationships

He then went on to explain how fairy tales are found when they convey messages about love.

“I love fairy tales. I love a good knight in shining armor. But fairy tales will lie. Fairy tales tell you messages like, “Man, if the shoe fits, it’ll be perfect.” “You will live happily ever after.” Fairy tales communicate the same story. There’s always a damsel in distress. She must be rescued, you seek her and you will be the shining armor.”

The truth is that a loving relationship is not about rescuing someone and being their savior.

“In dating relationships and in love, you’re not looking for someone who needs to be rescued,” she said. “You’re not looking to be someone’s savior. You’re looking for a partner in life, not a project you’re going to rescue.”


Pastor David also mentioned the wrong messages about love that secular music teaches young people.

“Taylor Swift has probably taught more people about love in the world than anyone else. Just think of all the ways she’s shaped [us]. I mean, “I knew you were in trouble when you came in.” So why did you date him? … Every Taylor Swift song communicates the same thing: “It’s bad for me, but I still like it,” she said.

However, he also emphasized how wonderful and beautiful God designed marriage to be. But it’s not for the broken or the weak, because it requires more than just love and affection, it requires surrender.

“Marriage is amazing, but it requires daily work and dying to self,” said Pastor David.


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reference: The Christian Post

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