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Pedro Pascal is everywhere right now: HBO The last of usfrom Disney The Mandalorianyour TikTok FYPand the Oscars 2023, where he was a presenter for the first time. She sported a Zegna look on the red carpet, and was accompanied by her sister, Javiera Balmaceda, who played Prince music as they prepared for the big show.

Here, Coco Ullrich-Mooney, Pedro’s favorite hairdresser and stylistwho used Bumble and Bumble and La Mer, reviews all the products used to create the star’s Academy Awards blush.

Pedro Pascal and stylist Courtney (Coco) Ullrich-MooneyHearst Owned

What is the best part of working with Pedro?

Pedro is really the most fun to work with. He is very creative and always wants to collaborate on looks that I love, he really makes my job rewarding. Pedro also always makes sure I’m taken care of. It’s true what everyone says about him. He is the absolute best.

What were the key products to achieve this look and what makes them so great?

First I applied the bb Full Shape Thickening Soft Mousse, £26 to be sculpted, but still soft, curls and fuzzy. Then I applied a mixture of half Semi-sumo, £20.80 and half Sumotech, £24.05 to define curls. I then went in with more Sumotech to add some texture to the curls in the front with some shine. To finish it off, I put the look with It does it all, £26 hairspray

I applied a pea-sized amount to her skin La Mer The Concentrate, £180 on the skin and The Eye Concentrate, £195 in the area under the eyes. Then I went in with him La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream, £150 all over the face The products allowed for easy application with great results.

What did you and Pedro talk about as your hair goals today?

To use natural texture and make it a more polished and cleaner version.

Arrivals at the 95th Annual Academy Awards

Jeff Kravitz – Getty Images

You obviously glam up hours before the red carpet and show time. How do you make sure your hair looks perfect all the time? Do you ship any products with it?

She holds herself very well and is always conscious not to touch her face and hair. When we worked together on The Last of Us, he was extremely respectful of the hair work I did, as well as the work of our head of makeup, Connie Parker. It is a professional and real deal.

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Her hair has a naturally curly texture. What are your best tips for working with this texture?

Depending on the length we will do different things. When it’s shorter, let it air dry before adding any product. In this way we obtain its natural texture and then we can manipulate it to our liking with products if necessary.

When we worked together on the film Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent it was much longer. My secret weapon was Bb.Thickening Mousse. I would apply it to damp hair and then use my Dyson diffuser to enhance her natural curls.

Arrivals at the 95th Annual Academy Awards

Arthur Holmes – Getty Images

What La Mer products did you wear today and why are they perfect for a red carpet?

I used La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream, The Eye Concentrate and The Concentrate. They always make your skin look incredibly hydrated. Usually, you don’t need to do that much if you’re practicing a good daily skincare regimen.

What advice do you have for other men Pedro’s age around skin preparation?

The best advice I would give is to always wash your face with a gentle cleaner in the shower To apply moisturizing cream after brushing teeth am and pm along with a Daily SPF. If you can do these three things, you’ll go far no matter what your age.

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