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Lana* is a polyamorous lesbian with a primary partner who is currently in Europe while in Sydney.

Lana is looking for the perfect hookup to get her through the fall, but it’s hard to find someone with whom she has a real, lasting connection.

She recorded her escapades and shared them with news.com.au as part of our weekly Sex Diaries series, which documents the sex lives of everyday Australians.


I have a night out and check out the Tinder matches I drunkenly acquired over the weekend.

I catch up with my main partner on the phone in the morning as he lives long distance. I miss her a lot.

I message a few of my matches, but no one is that interesting, so I message a few people I connect with for their weekly plans, but everyone is vague.

A night without sex for me.


I’m going to see a couple I’ve slept with regularly. Sometimes I can’t fit in other people along with my main partner and my college course load, but I’m excited and she’s willing, and the whole experience is so easy and fun – I orgasm three times.

She is very happy with my pleasure and I love hers too, so it’s a match made in heaven.

God, I love sleeping with women!


I go back to Tinder and approach anyone I liked. I’m careful not to be lazy and keep seeing the same people.

Another girl I’m in a relationship with comes over, and we cook dinner, drink, and have sex.

I tend to find myself in weird situations with people because I like to meet people so that the sex can be better so that we both feel more comfortable, but sometimes I get carried away and have to cushion myself.

Tonight was nice, though, and there’s nothing better than sex when you feel confident about revealing what you want.


I’m in my sexting era – I’m sending multiple people but I need to start being more careful – Sydney is so small! All lesbians know each other, and it’s always horrifying when you go on Instagram and realize how many mutual followers you have.

I like sexting so much that I see it as an individual activity. When I get home, I pour myself a glass of wine and indulge in multiple fantasies with various women, crossing my fingers that they don’t meet each other.

I orgasm tonight and it feels like an act of self care.


I’m going on a Tinder date, I wish I could meet people in real life, but I don’t want to waste my time with straight girls.

We opt for the pizza on the beach, which is super cute and a little romantic. No big sparks, but I’m thankful the night isn’t getting weird. Not like last week when a girl invited her ex on a date we had planned and didn’t tell either of us that the other was coming!


I go out dancing and end up in an old hookup house – the sex is normal and my hangover is brutal in the morning.


I catch up with my main partner and report on my week. I also review who I’ve been with in the last week and decide who I’ll continue to see next week.

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