Port of Rotterdam – How Europe’s busiest port operates in 2022

Updated: 07-2022

The Port of Rotterdam is not only Europa’s largest port, but also the most efficient, serving as a round-the-clock shipping hub which never sleeps. It serves as a key point of transit in shipping routes for the Netherlands, Europe and beyond, and has been making an increasing effort to use clean technology throughout.

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The port of Rotterdam is a maritime motorway. Every day, it is traversed by an endless parade of ships, carrying more than 400 million tonnes of cargo per year. It is one of the largest ports in the world, and one of the most difficult to navigate.

With Singapore and Shanghai, the port of Rotterdam is the world’s busiest port thanks to its favourable geographic disposition because the Netherlands is located between Germany, France and the United Kingdom, the three main economies in the region. Without port of Rotterdam, no Mercedes in Germany.

Another factor that plays in favour of the Netherlands is the timing of inspections. The speed of inspections plays a very important role in the competitiveness of the business.

The port of Rotterdam gives more than 9000 people a job on ships, offices, on the cages, on security… without them, Europe would be near to collapse.

An excerpt from the documentary of NZZ Format “Rotterdam”. More from NZZ Format: t