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In 2022, Google’s trends report revealed that “Is being friends with an ex a red flag” was one of its top searches, and apparently Gen Z is struggling with the issue. According to global sex toy retailer Lovehoney, friendships with exes are very common — but maybe not a red flag, after all.

In their study, Lovehoney found that “69% of adults actively choose to stay friends with their ex post-breakup.” In a similar vein, after breakups, Gen Z choose to change the relationship from romantic to friends with benefits to avoid having to share new kinks with a new partner.

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Rachel Wright, a modern relationship expert shared “There are tons of benefits to being friends with an ex, it’s called relationship de-escalation.” In monogamous relationships, it’s common to break off the relationship completely or be questioned by your friends for not doing so – it indicates the best partner who wants the best for you. However, “It doesn’t have to be this way,” Wright exclaimed. “Even more specifically polyamory, it’s very common for relationships to escalate and de-escalate, but in monogamous relationships, often when the romantic or sexual piece ‘ends’, so does the whole relationship.”

Luckily for you, it doesn’t have to be that way. As Gen Z moves into non-monogamy and more unconventional dating, friendships with exes and even continued sex are likely to become more important.

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Are you thinking of redefining the relationship instead of leaving it? Here are Wright’s top tips for deciding if it’s healthy for you:

1. “If you wish you didn’t have this person in your life anymore, or you’re feeling more hurt/pain/grieving about having this person in your life than not, it might be time to reconsider. de relationship with them”.

2. “Try to think of all relationships as relationships (friendships are relationships, partners are relationships, our family members with whom we have relationships), a relationship is not synonymous with romance and sex. So you decide what kind of relationship you have with this person and whether you want them in your life to begin with. ”

3. “If you’ve tried it and you’re not sure, go back the 60 days I recommend after the breakup and reevaluate. And if you’re sure, let the person know. Don’t keep them just to ghost or ignore them.”

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