Reaffirmation of the relations of the professional body – Propertymark

Propertymark CEO Nathan Emerson and Non-Executive Chairman Nicky Heathcote led a delegation to Ready Set Grow 22, the Realtor Experience hosted by the National Association of Realtors in Orlando, Florida.

ARLA Propertymark President David Votta participated along with a number of member agents, who benefited from the CPD among 10,000 delegates with keynote speakers including Jay Shetty and Venus Williams.

The purpose of the trip was to reaffirm the long-standing relationship between the professional entities and to fuel the progression of partner-focused projects currently under development.

Member bodies representing estate agents traveled from around the world, enabling Propertymark to negotiate new relationships with Norwegian, Irish, Dutch, Mexican, French, Nigerian and Spanish delegations, as well as clarifying the position of the UK member association as strategically important on the international stage. . With economic challenges around the world, agents examined the benefits of different methods, increased marketing, greater technological leverage and variations in earnings models.

During the four-day conference, Propertymark benefited from innovation experiences with new AI developments from NAR REACH’s Texas Innovation Center.

The delegation visited new facility-rich community housing models and participated in a global business advice forum, along with sessions on sustainability, leadership and the US qualifications model.

Outside of the sessions, Nathan Emerson managed to meet with incoming NAR President Kenny Parcell, broker and owner of Equity Real Estate Utah.

In addition to the key learning and international collaboration that took place during the event, Propertymark has access to an expansive knowledge center of related resources.

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