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After being announced in June, the latest entry in the slide-based decision-making kingdom management series, Reigns, is finally releasing next week. Reigns: Three Kingdoms it is based, this time, around the holder Period of the Three Kingdoms of Chinese mythologyand will feature a 5-hour experience along with online support, new cards, and mini-games.

Reigns is an interesting series and has exploded quite a bit since it started years ago. This series will see you take on the role of a king who manages his kingdom with a line of cards based on decisions that appear which you then swipe left or right to confirm or deny the choice. That’s right: this entire fantasy franchise was inspired by Tinder, the dating app, of all things.

So far, Reigns has covered many different fantasy arenas, even going so far as to throw a game of thrones version too. But now we have Three Kingdoms, which will take players to ancient China as they try to manage a legendary mythological kingdom between legendary characters like Lu Bu and Cao Cao.

Interestingly, Three Kingdoms will also have multiplayer support, where you can compete against other friends or random online opponents to see which kingdom is the furthest away. Throw that in with a bunch of new minigames to liven up that card-swiping gameplay loop and a bunch of different things to manage, and this is likely the biggest Reigns release yet.

This is definitely one to keep an eye on as the series has received a lot of positive reception since its release a long time ago. Unfortunately, there’s no pre-registration or pre-orders open yet, so stay tuned on that front, but until then it looks like we’ll likely see the full release to Netflix subscribers on November 29th.

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