Reinventing our retirement years: It starts at 60

Anyone can receive a shock diagnosis at any point on the retirement clock, right up to our twilight years. So what are realistic goals for you? It can be to enjoy every day before we all end up in the same space.

Some people our age do want to mingle as singles. Many older people I know have the love life of the meek, male or female. But the meek are the great survivors. I can write, that’s my realistic goal. It could take an innovative approach to developing the romance genre again. It could create epic literature, about “Sexy Seniors”, it would be a series of exciting and brilliant page-turners, to put sparkles in the wrinkles of retirees.

We could all imagine this chapter, “can afternoon treats be done right?” This book would require hands-on research in black lace underwear. Let’s face it, this chapter in the reshaping of the retirement literature may never be told here.

But I have a retired court friend in the US, he is in his sixties and he joined an online dating website. She was courted by an older man and surprisingly, he lived only 10 km away. They met in person, sparks flew, Cupid shot his arrow and they were married. Overcoming much family opposition, they happily retired. it can happen

But as I said earlier, anyone can receive a medical diagnosis of shock. Now she is left with a pile of oncology bills for her late husband, having his happy memories. Most days, she also complains about the cost of groceries and bills in America. We all dip into our savings, like many people. Lucky to have one. I assume now that redeveloping our retirement involves limiting our spending.

We can stay as fit as we can, for as long as we can. Gardening and doing chores while we can keeps us active and nimble. Full ship shape here. Housework seems to be named after a woman. I aim to do everything at a certain stage and then explore my hobbies. I discovered coloring pages for adults, very relaxing. Easy to print some pages.

It’s “cool” to keep being creative and keep showering each other with kindness, compassion, and hope for our economy to recover. There are many simple ways to redevelop our retirement days.

How can you try to reset your retirement, put a shine on your wrinkles?

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