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Santa Ana winds are battering Southern California, with gusts exceeding 70 mph in parts of the Southland this Friday. Santa Ana is a strong wind from the northeast and as the air descends from the elevation towards the coast it compresses and dries. High wind advisories are in effect for the San Bernardino Mountains around the Los Angeles area with wind advisories in effect for the city. Areas of NE 30 to 45 mph with gusts up to 70 mph for Los Angeles County and the Santa Monica Mountains.

There is a high fire risk until this Friday morning for the pink area. Winds in the mountains will be offshore and will heat up and speed up as they come down from the hills, meaning the fire danger will increase as any sparks will spread quickly in these windy conditions.

Although our strongest winds are seen on Thursday, we will still face gusty conditions on Friday, especially in the mountains and canyons. We expect gusts at lower levels to be in the 40-50 mph range with stronger gusts at higher elevations.

Relative humidity will be in the single digits and low twenties during the day through Saturday. Although low relative humidity does not create a fire, it can certainly improve the spread of flames by moving through dry air.

Also, drought conditions persist in Southern California, which means trees and shrubs are dry and quick to snap.

For the latest forecasts for the South West region, tune in to 50 hours every hour. You can also access the western regional forecast on demand at any time through the WeatherNation app.

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