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So does this dating app work for hookups?

So after she found me on Facebook and Instagram, and I was convinced she was a decent fellow and not a psycho (very important, guys!), we went on a “dinner” date at Olive Garden.

Erica told me she’s not the casual love girl. At first, I thought this meant the date was over – take my sticks and go away.

And I was surprised to learn that I was still interested in her and getting to know her, even though I had no plans to start a real relationship.

But feelings change. I found myself really wondering if I wanted this to go anywhere. Like I said, keep things open minded.

I still talk to Erica and we take things slowly on a few dates a year because we have very busy lives.

Bumble Match #2 – John

Joan didn’t say much at first, but she used some funny emojis. I meant to swipe left when I first saw his profile…but on a whim I swiped right instead.

As soon as I sent him a few messages, he fired up a request: “My friends and I are going to The Right Place” (a local bar).

Now my first reaction was, No, I don’t want to meet all your friends. But I also knew this was a test and a moment of truth If he really wanted a no-strings-attached date, he had to play the part. He had to be funny, gregarious and basically a clown for the night.

And yes…Joan and her cat friends really were Kardashian material. Joan was handsome and down to earth. She was actually a bit shy compared to her stronger friends. The girls spent the night drinking and I bought a few rounds for everyone, and I just pretended to be Jimmy Fallon, you know, crazy, awkward, whatever.

The girls laughed at me, made fun of me, insulted me…but finally gave me the stamp of approval. Besides, the only thing I really cared about was what Joan thought of me. And he was impressed that I showed up and partied with his friends.

So Joan finally ditched all her friends and we decided to talk around the neighborhood to keep chatting. As I suspected, Joan was very much in love with me and dared me to kiss him in an empty parking lot with nearby walls of an abandoned store offering a good hiding spot.

Finally, I realized, Joan didn’t want to take me home and didn’t care where I lived. But he still really, really liked her. Just goes to show that you never know when a hot Bumble girl might make the first move on you!

In Erica’s case, I really had to decide that I was interested in a relationship (but not exclusive, obviously) and not just a hookup because she wasn’t interested.

Bumble is definitely the lady’s choice of dating apps and you should follow the lady’s lead! I mean that in every sense of the word. She makes the first contact, and basically decides whether this relationship will be casual or serious.

And yes, that’s why Bumble is a better app for meeting women, and possibly an app that will get you a girlfriend or a few nights, if you’re willing to play by its rules.

A Non-Gamer’s Guide to Navigating Bumble for Hookups – 9 Steps

One of the best compliments you can give Bumble is that you don’t necessarily have to be a gamer or a “guy” to be seduced.

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