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After a drama-filled two-hour midseason finale, New Amsterdam has left some of our favorite characters in a bewildering limbo. Reynolds may or may not be ready for true love, Iggy’s heart was broken, Bloom made a decision about her sister, and Max and Wilder finally reunited. But their happiness lasted only a second before the surprise appearance of an ex spiced things up a bit.

Here’s everything that happened in Season 5 Episode 10, “Don’t Do This To Me.”

Helen throws a wrench into Max and Wilder’s romance.

After episode after episode of their friendship, “Will they, won’t they?”, Wilder finally agrees to start dating Max (but not before turning down a job running the country’s first medical school for the Deaf). Realizing that Max can actually see and hear her helped Wilder overcome the worry that she would never understand him because she is not yet fluent in ASL.

But before they can ride off into the sunset, Max stops in the New Amsterdam waiting room when he sees Helen on TV. Yes, this Helena. Turns out he’s in New York in support of cancer research for the NHS.

It’s been months since their heartbreaking split, and the two haven’t exactly kept in touch. What will this mean for her new romance with Wilder? We will have to wait and see.

Reynolds and his father come to an agreement.

While searching for a relationship with her father, Reynolds took on much more than she bargained for. Not only was it revealed that his father, Horace, might be bipolar, but he eventually suffered a psychotic break. Reynolds committed him to New Amsterdam on psychiatric hold and took him in once he was released. All this was happening as Reynolds began a relationship with the hospital’s new traveling nurse, Gabrielle. By the end of the midseason, finding time for romance while helping with her father’s mental health was becoming a pain.

Horrace realized this fact and gracefully took himself out of the equation, moving in and giving Reynolds some space and a little fatherly advice: “Go get the girl.”

Bloom and Vanessa’s relationship hit another low point.

Throughout the season, Bloom has struggled to maintain a relationship with her younger sister, Vanessa, who is still battling addiction while Bloom is sober. And then there’s the added baggage of her absent mother—also an addict—who died and ended up leaving her entire estate to Vanessa. In “Don’t Do This For Me,” it all comes to a head when Bloom’s sister arrives in New Amsterdam after a near-fatal overdose. While there, Vanessa confessed that her mother wrote a letter apologizing to Bloom. She told Vanessa to pass it on to her sister, but she never did.

Along with Reynolds’ advice, Bloom concludes that in order to help her sister, she must put distance between them. Reynolds then passes a message to Vanessa that she can meet her at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting when she’s ready.

Iggy is heartbroken.

Ever since Iggy and Martin decided to split up in the Season 4 finale, they’ve been raised amicably. Iggy even dipped her toe in the dating pool, but through it all, it’s clear she still has feelings for Martin. Fast forward and the season 5 midseason finale begins with the two waking up together after hooking up the night before. Everything seems happy and they might even get back together. But at the end of the episode, Martin says that he thinks that after their time apart, they’re too different to make their marriage work. “I think it’s time to finalize the divorce,” Martin tells a clearly devastated Iggy.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a few weeks to see what happens for our favorite Doctors. New Amsterdam returns to wrap up its final season on Tuesday, January 3rd at 10/9c. You can now watch all the episodes peacock.

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