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January 24, 2023 January 24, 2023

A survey of 12,000 singles has uncovered common dating deal breakers. Traits like age, job, and jealous behavior are under the microscope for singles looking for real connections.

QuackQuack’s survey of singles in India found that 24% of singles over 30 will swipe left based on their job and education. The study showed that choosing not to mention these details in your profile will also turn some potential matches away.

Excessive jealousy was another break-up factor cited by 37% of 25-30 year olds dating. They explained that irrational jealousy that can become obsessive is a red flag, which can create trust issues and controlling behavior in the future.

For women, age is a key non-negotiable factor in finding a partner. 26% of women aged 26-29 will move away from men for five years or more. However, women over 30 are open to men 5-6 years older than them.

29% of men and women agreed that infidelity is an absolute breakup. This includes a history of infidelity, which singles fear will repeat themselves.

It also found that 21% of singles in India’s largest cities see addiction as a deal breaker. For those looking for serious connections, addiction is considered an unhealthy and undesirable behavior.

“From the approximately 24 million chats exchanged last month, we noticed that age and different moral values ​​were the most mentioned non-negotiables for dating. Most daters are looking for genuine profiles to get serious; We recently launched a new feature that provides our users with real-time data on suspended accounts. This feature comes as an industry-first move to show that QuackQuack takes swift action against suspicious profiles,” said Ravi Mittal, founder and CEO of QuackQuack.

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