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What is a queen without her king? It’s not a trick question – she’s still a queen.

Regardless of the circumstances, romantic relationships are a plus, not a necessity. The ladies of Peacock’s new reality dating series, Queens Court they are living proof that you can still stand tall with or without a man by your side. After her first attempts at love, marriage and dating, Tamar BraxtonNivea i Evelyn Lozada are giving love another test on the streaming platform as a group of suitors compete with each other to rule the kingdom along with their new queens.

Tamar Braxton, who has been in the public eye as a singer, reality star on Big Brother and Braxton Family Values, and the latest Dish Nation personality, has had her share of love, loss, heartbreak and courtship . Now, as she celebrates her 46th birthday, she’s looking for one thing forever: someone she can love through love and war and think about all the way home. See what we did there?

“I feel like everyone needs support and going into this situation was difficult in itself because it’s public. Yes, we chose to do it publicly, but you still need support,” Braxton told HelloBeautiful about confiding in Lozada castmates , Nivea and host Holly Robinson Peete throughout.

The singer continued: “Holly was a staple in helping us figure out who was here for us and who was just here for a kick. We were scared because we were ready. We really wanted to meet our person.Whether that person was on the show or not, I felt like we all walked away from the situation a little stronger and a little more confident about what we wanted, and more importantly, what we didn’t want.

After the show premiered on the Peacock, Braxton announced her engagement to contestant and singer’s heart winner Jeremy Robinson. The law firm’s founding partner and personal injury and criminal defense attorney’s relationship with the Let Me Know singer was in full bloom from the first episode of the show. Now, along with the debut of their new single Changed on streaming platforms, the happy couple can share their love together in public and look to a brighter future as best friends, lovers, step-parents to each other’s children and soon – to be husband and wife.

Ahead of the premiere of Peacock’s Queens Court and the long-awaited big reveal of who she chose as king, Braxton caught up with HelloBeautiful to talk about what she looks for in a partner, the importance of reaching a relationship cured and of its perfection. set of the first date.

HelloBeautiful: What are some of the things you look for in a romantic partner now that you may not have necessarily prioritized when you were younger?

Tamara Braxton: Honesty and spirituality are definitely my two main levels. I look for honesty because if a person is honest with you, then they are honest with themselves and are very sure of what they want and what they don’t want. When people come to you with a bunch of excuses and a bunch of mischief, that’s a clear sign to me that they’re just not ready. Also spirituality because once you are in tune with who you are spiritually, it is next to find the person you are truly meant to be with. I’m dating with intention and I want the person I’m dating to also date with intention.

HB: You’re not an average Joe either; you are Tamar Braxton. How do you analyze people who want to date Tamar because of Tamar and not because of Tamar the singer? [or] Tamar, the reality star?

TB: It’s very deep for me because I’m like, “Tamar Braxton is my job.” That’s not me when I come home and I’m a single mom. [It’s]It’s not who I am when I drop my son off at school every morning and make him breakfast and leave him with a beanie on his head. It’s not me when I pay my AmEx and life is really real.

I say this to say that I want exactly the same thing every woman wants: honesty, loyalty, a partner. Someone who is secure within himself, someone who is also financially secure because I don’t want to struggle. I’m 40 years old and I don’t want to recreate anything with anyone. I want you to come to this table already and swipe, I swipe, and that’s how it works.

HB: Speaking of being complete, you also mentioned that in the early episodes you want someone who’s already healed. Why is it important to put yourself and your mental health first when you’re dating?

TB: Because I’m not a therapist. Some days, I’m discovering enough for myself and I don’t have it for you. Some days I think you can offer your advice and really be there for someone, but in order to do that, you have to come to the table hopeful and already healed from your past traumas or healings. I never feel like anyone gets to the point where they don’t need therapy or have it all figured out. I don’t want to hear it either, honestly. It’s definitely an ongoing construction site and that’s something that’s very important to me and definitely one of the first things I look for in a spouse.

HB: You come from a large family. What’s the best dating advice you got from your mom and sisters?

TB: From my mother, keep your family out of your business. About my sisters, I don’t know. How do I say this without being shady because I feel like they are still trying to figure it out? Listen, it’s a cold world out here. This is what I will say. One sister in particular, who is Traci, never gave up. Until the day she died, she was a married woman and she made her situation work no matter what circumstance they were in, and I admire that.

HB: You are also a very independent and strong woman. You are very resilient. When it comes to dating, why is it important to know you’re a queen, even without a king by your side?

TB: Because I don’t settle. I have been single for a long time, I may be single another day. i will be fine i will survive Because when I don’t it’s staying with the wrong man, wasting my time and my son’s face, teaching me and my son bad habits and bringing his unnecessary drama and problems here after we’ve cleaned up all this mess.

I just think you have to get to the point where you are comfortable with yourself. I believe that falling in love with yourself is the first step to falling in love with someone else because there are just some things you will not tolerate. It’s just some things you know will let go of not wanting to be alone. I think people need to be very comfortable with being single and being alone and choosing happiness over unhappiness and a partner.

HB: First Date: What’s your fit and what kind of pace do you do? Do you have a natural face? Do you do full glam? What is Tamar’s best quote?

TB: Oh baby, I’m putting on a monster suit. It’s a package. I’m glamming out because, first of all, the truth is that dressing up is fun because it’s like going on an adventure. You never know what you’re going to get at the end of it. I feel like you put your best foot forward. I feel at home, I can definitely engage in the ministry of sweaters, but when it’s time to go out, it’s time to wear a heel for at least the first two dates. After the first two dates, I wear tennis shoes, but the first two dates, I’ll make sure you present yourself like a lady so they know it.

HB: Okay, so we have the freakum outfit, we have the full beat. What is your ideal first date? Where do you want to go?

TB: Ideal first date? I’m old school and romantic. I thought I didn’t like receiving flowers. That’s because I didn’t get them. Bring me some flowers, a beautiful long stem, or whatever you have. consider me Bring me something to let me know you’ve been thinking about this date all day. I love good champagne and I love amazing conversations and I love food so feed me.

HB: You have such a beautiful son. If mom could give you one piece of dating advice to make sure you’re a gentleman at all times when you date whoever you really want to take with you for the rest of your life, what would you tell her?

TB: Date someone who matches your energy. Have a partner with someone who can bring some light and love into your aura. And be a gentleman and pay the bill.

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