That 90’s Show – Episode 8 Recap & Review

summer storm

Episode 8 of That ’90s Show opens with Red, Kitty, and Sherri in the Forman kitchen two days after the bike accident that left Red injured. With Red injured, he continues to fix everything at home. Kitty is upset because she has nothing better to do, but Sherri asks her for help fixing up her house.

In the basement, the girls and Ozzie talk about Leia crossing the bases with Jay. Leia is confused and claims that she hasn’t touched any part of Jay’s body, but worries that he wanted her to. Nate and Jay join the group, but Leia is still thinking about all the alone time she had with Jay.

She wonders if he is not capable of meeting her romantic expectations. Kitty goes down to collect one of Red’s boxes and takes one that had the group’s stash of weed. The group blames Jay for losing her and he goes up to get her. However, he notices that there were many identical boxes in the room leaving him confused.

Jay goes back down and the group split into pairs to find the stash. Nikki watches as Leia kisses Jay goodbye, where she pulls her arms away from his body. After she leaves, Nikki questions Leia about the awkward kiss and the latter of the two states that she was overthinking all her moves with Jay now.

Gwen and Nate help Kitty with her work while they check the boxes. Meanwhile, Nikki tries to give Leia some advice and tells her that she could start by putting her hands on Jay’s hips to keep a safe distance and also to avoid awkwardness. Ozzie and Jay find the stash in one of the boxes in the garage, but Red finds them there.

Jay puts the stash in the jacket he was wearing, but Red asks the young man to leave it behind because the jacket belonged to Red. Inside the Forman house, Nate and Gwen fight over a T-shirt that Nate’s father had sent for her, while in the basement, Leia is worried about her grandfather finding the stash. He tries to say goodbye to Leia and she clings to Jay’s hips.

Ozzie says something to distract Jay as he turns around only for Leia to grab his crotch directly. There is an uneasy tension in the room. Meanwhile, Kitty asks Sherri to keep Red busy a little longer. However, Kitty finds herself caught in the middle of the step-siblings’ fight.

Ozzie and Jay are looking for the jacket at Sherri’s house, but they can’t seem to get past the rat traps that Red has set up to catch the rats in the house. Leia and Nikki discuss their respective romantic lives and the latter tries to comfort Leia. Jay and Ozzie arrive with the stash and Leia talks to Jay about what happened earlier.

Leia and Jay make up, but Nikki turns her around only for Leia to accidentally kiss her ear. Kitty is overworked and parents Gwen and Nate have to recover from the fight. Nate claims that the shirt he was wearing was his dad’s and he wanted to wear it even if it didn’t fit.

The brothers also make up, but Sherri comes into the room saying that Red will be joining them soon. Kitty tells Sherri about the fight between Gwen and Nate, so she calls Nate’s dad in Japan from the Forman family phone. Red arrives just in time to hang up the expensive international call.

The episode ends with the group arriving in the basement as they finally go out to enjoy the end of summer. However, their bubble is burst when Sherri brings Gwen and Nate their school schedule only for Leia to realize it was time to go home.

The episode review

Leia was so awkward in this episode and it’s so funny how her friends react. Watching her navigate the various bases of a romantic relationship with Nikki’s help is so endearing. The two really didn’t get much bonding time and I love this new friendship for them.

Jay seems very seasoned when it comes to relationships and it’s obvious that Leia is so overwhelmed to be with him. However, you could say that the Kelso boy has his charm because he handles Leia’s awkwardness so well. Watching Nate and Gwen fight, because of their parents, makes me wish Sherri would find someone who can become a good father figure for these two.

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