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When it comes to finding love in the digital age, dating apps are the place to go. It’s easy to interact with other humans, but what if you’re a human looking for a furry friend?

MyHooman is a digital app for finding your lifelong furry friend, a digital adoption program that uses Tinder-like technology to create an easy and efficient way to connect with your perfect pet.

Since it used to be the domain of dogs, starting today, cats will also be in the app.

Due to post-pandemic adoption difficulties, MyHooman aims to facilitate the pairing of animals with their most suitable adopters.

9 Lives Orphanage founder Alisha Sinclair says “the need is greater than ever, especially for adolescent and adult cats.”

“They are lovely companions and we are already seeing a great response from our initial trial of MyHooman – the process is very simple for us and for the people who want to adopt.”

Fifty other shelters like 9 Lives Orphanage have gotten involved with this app, hoping to find these fur babies their forever homes.

Due to a combination of pet parents returning to work and the rising cost of living, shelters are reporting a 45% decrease in dog adoptions and a 50% increase in people who will surrender their pets to shelters in 2022.

Mars CEO Peter Simmons says shelters across the country are saying this year is the worst kitten season ever.

“None of us want to see unwanted or neglected cats on the streets.”

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