The Bike Lanes You Can’t See – Ontvlechten in 2022

Updated: 07-2022

The Netherlands has some of the best bicycle infrastructure in the world, but some of it is completely invisible … until you learn about ontvlechten. Dutch cities take care to separate or “disentangle” routes taken by drivers from those taken by everyone else, making their streets safer, quieter, and more efficient. These routes are determined by hoofdnetten (and plusnetten), where each form of traffic gets its own routes through the city.

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Satelite Map Images from Google Earth Studio

Orlando Suburb “Cursed Culdesacs”

‘s-Hertogenbosch wil auto en fiets ontvlechten

Plusnetten en hoofdnetten infrastructuur
Gemeente Amsterdam

Mobiliteits Aanpak Amsterdam 2030

Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors

B00000017791 Straatbeeld, detailhandel en mensen in verkeer (1977)
Stadsarchief Amsterdam

B00000018594 Eerste van der Helststraat (1978)
Stadsarchief Amsterdam

London Quietways Plan (2017)
Transport for London (Archived)

0:00 Intro
0:05 Bicycle infrastructure
0:44 Ontvlechten
0:57 Busy roads and suburban mazes
1:55 The Dutch approach: hoofdnetten and plusnetten
3:27 Hoofdnet examples
4:04 Filtered permeability
5:01 Hoofdnet routes for cars & bicycles
5:17 Safe and efficient road networks
6:29 Summary and conclusion
7:00 Patreon shout-out
7:12 Outro