The ‘brutal’ dating act single parents are guilty of |

An Australian dating expert has revealed the ‘brutal truth’ about what it’s like to date a single parent.

In one Instagram In Wednesday’s video, professional Perth relationship and marriage expert Louanne Ward said that while anyone with children will always put them first, they shouldn’t use them as an “excuse” to avoid spending time with you.

“What I’m going to share is a brutal truth about dating tactics [single parents] use and the excuse for bad behavior. Of course this isn’t aimed at all single parents, but you know if and when you’re guilty of this, and you certainly know when you’ve been on the receiving end,’ Ms Ward captioned the clip.

“Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you can use them as a convenient excuse to use someone.”

Breadcrumbing is the term for the act of dating where someone will drop small signs of interest, without ever following through. The so-called “breadcrumbs” are the actions that support being led.

“Yes, your children should always come first. But your responsibilities and commitments are not a license for everything to revolve around you,” he continued.

“Dating is a two-way street; having children can make it difficult for you, but don’t expect others to accept your crumbs. You have to make the same effort in other ways.”

He also explained in the accompanying video that if someone “keeps telling you, ‘Oh, my kids come first,’ just know that this is a very convenient excuse for them to give you a legitimate reason to do it.” .

If someone feels the constant need to “constantly tell you or point out to you that their children come first,” they are using that as an excuse, Ms. Ward concluded, to have “everything their way instead of putting – there is the necessary amount”. of effort to date someone.”

“Someone will always find room to connect with you, even if they can’t go out on dates every other night,” she said.

“They’re going to put in the necessary time and effort, whether they have kids or not.”

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