The man in our lives in M6: is the series taken from a true story

Broadcast tonight on M6, the series “The Man in Our Lives” features Jonathan Zaccaï as a conman who seduces women into stealing their money. A thriller, also starring Elodie Frégé, inspired by several true stories.

Already available on Salto for a few months, the 4-episode miniseries The Man in Our Lives starts this evening on M6.

Led by Jonathan Zaccaï, Odile Vuillemin, Héléna Noguerra, Flore Bonaventura and Elodie Frégé, this thriller in the vein of L’Arnaqueur de Tinder and Dirty John tells the story of a thief, a “hunter’s heart” who alternately becomes called Roman, Amaury, or Nathan.

Airplane pilot, surgeon, in the field of “Doctors without Borders”, former trader, great reporter… For each of his jobs he knew how to deceive. The art of convincing, but above all the art of pleasing. It’s genius. He made his living out of it. This gift gets him used to manipulating women that he takes from his savings. Charming and attentive, in the eyes of each of them, he was the man of their lives, before he disappeared.

For Camille, Mathilde, Oriane and Iris, victims of this serial lover, the consequences are serious: dislocated families, depression, bankruptcy… But above all they loved him and they recover as badly from his abandonment as from the concrete consequences in their lives. However, they will have to face it. And, together, they will team up to catch him.

A series inspired by true stories

Written by Marie Guilmineau, Alice van Den Broek and Eliane Vigneron, which won Best Screenplay last September at the La Rochelle Festival, The Man of Our Lives is “freely” inspired by several true stories that have made headlines . such as those of the American Derek Alldred, Christophe Rocancourt or Jacques Masset according to M6.

Of course, we also think about the story of Shimon Hayut, told in the Netflix documentary The Tinder Scammer, who scammed many targeted women through a dating app.

But according to Jonathan Zaccaï, who lends his features to the anti-hero of the M6 ​​series, it’s really Derek Alldred from whom The Man in Our Lives is primarily inspired. Without falling into the adaptation or the biopic.


“To prepare for playing this character, I watched the documentary about this thief, which is quite incredible. It’s really fascinating,” he told us during the La Rochelle Festival. “Obviously, I followed the path that was written in the script. We’re not really in a biopic, the series is lighter in a way. It’s less heavy than the story of this guy, an airplane pilot, ex-Vietnam, who swindled thirty women. , is very, very heavy. It’s ultra creepy.”

A true professional con man, Derek Alldred, who posed as a fighter pilot, firefighter, teacher or defense analyst, was the subject of a documentary, Seduced By Evil In Person (Seduced By Evil), which was released in 2019.

And as in The Man in Our Lives, it is thanks to the action of the women he took everything from that Derek Alldred ended up behind bars.

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