The Rolling Stones – Live in Rotterdam 1995/08/30 – Video – 76th show of the tour in 2022

Updated: 07-2022

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Complete show extracted from DVD “Rotterdam 1995” (RSVP) mixed with two audio sources.
Audio #1: extracted from CD “Rotterdam de Kuip 95” (VGP) (right channel)
Audio #2: extracted from CD “Not fade away” (Elmore Rec) (left channel)

Last show of the Voodoo Lounge Tour 1994/1995.

Live at De Kuip Stadion, Rotterdam, Germany, August 30th, 1995.

00:00:00 Intro by theThe Glimmer Stone
00:00:38 Intro/Not fade away
00:05:17 Tumbling dice
00:10:01 You got me rocking
00:13:49 It’s all over now
00:18:44 Sparks will fly
00:22:31 Satisfaction
00:30:36 Dead flowers
00:35:28 Far away eyes
00:41:05 Like a rolling stone
00:47:04 Gimme shelter
00:54:14 Midnight rambler
01:03:19 I go wild
01:09:44 Miss you
01:20:02 Band intro
01:24:37 Honky tonk women
01:30:05 Happy
01:34:32 Slipping away
01:40:53 Sympathy for the devil
01:48:08 Street fighting man
01:53:42 Start me up
01:58:01 It’s only rock and roll
02:03:47 Brown sugar
02:10:53 Jumping Jack flash

The Band:
Mick Jagger: vocals, guitar, harmonica
KR: guitar, vocals
Ron Wood: guitar
Charlie Watts: drums

Aditional musicians:
Bobby Keys: tenor sax
Chuck Leavell: keyboards, backing vocals
Darryl Jones: bass, backing vocals
Lisa Fischer and Bernard Fowler: backing vocals
The New West Horns:
Andy Snitzer: saxophone, some keyboards
Michael Davis: trombone
Kent Smith: trumpet, brass

1995 Voodoo Loung playlist:

Voodoo Lounge Tour:
Was a tour to promote the album “Voodoo Lounge” released on July 11th, 1994. This was their first tour without Bill Wyman, and their first with touring bassist Darryl Jones, as an additional musician. The tour grossed $320 million, becoming as the highest grossing of any artist at that time.This was subsequently overtaken by a few other tours, but it remains the Rolling Stones’ second highest grossing tour behind their 2005–2007 A Bigger Bang Tour.
Production design was by Mark Fisher, Charlie Watts, Mick Jagger and Patrick Woodroffe. Graphic design and video animation was by Mark Norton.

The Tour:
14 January, Mexico, Mexico
16 January, Mexico, Mexico
18 January, Mexico, Mexico
20 January, Mexico, Mexico
27 January, São Paulo, Brazil
28 January, São Paulo, Brazil
30 January, São Paulo, Brazil
2 February, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
4 February, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
9 February, Buenos Aires, Argentina
11 February, Buenos Aires, Argentina
12 February, Buenos Aires, Argentina
14 February, Buenos Aires, Argentina
16 February, Buenos Aires, Argentina
19 February, Santiago, Chile
24 February, Johannesburg, South Africa
25 February, Johannesburg, South Africa
6 March, Tokyo, Japan
8 March, Tokyo, Japan
9 March, Tokyo, Japan
12 March, Tokyo, Japan
14 March, Tokyo, Japan
16 March, Tokyo, Japan
17 March, Tokyo, Japan
22 March, Fukuoka, Japan
23 March, Fukuoka, Japan
27 March, Melbourne, Australia
28 March, Melbourne, Australia
1 April, Sydney, Australia
2 April, Sydney, Australia
5 April, Adelaide, Australia
8 April, Perth, Australia
12 April, Brisbane, Australia
16 April, Auckland, New Zealand
17 April, Auckland, New Zealand
26 May, Amsterdam, Netherlands
27 May, Amsterdam, Netherlands
3 June, Stockholm, Sweden
6 June, Helsinki, Finland
9 June, Oslo, Norway
11 June, Copenhagen, Denmark
13 June, Nijmegen, Netherlands
14 June, Nijmegen, Netherlands
18 June, Landgraaf, Netherlands
20 June, Cologne, Germany
22 June, Hanover, Germany
24 June, Werchter, Belgium
25 June, Werchter, Belgium
30 June, Paris, France
1 July, Paris, France
3 July, Paris, France
9 July, Sheffield, England
11 July, London, England
15 July, London, England
16 July, London, England
19 July, London, England
22 July, Gijón, Spain
24 July, Lisbon, Portugal
27 July, Montpellier, France
29 July, Basel, Switzerland
30 July, Basel, Switzerland
1 August, Zeltweg, Austria
3 August, Munich, Germany
5 August, Prague, Czech Republic
8 August, Budapest, Hungary
12 August, Schüttorf, Germany
15 August, Leipzig, Germany
17 August, Berlin, Germany
19 August, Hockenheim, Germany
22 August, Mannheim, Germany
25 August, Wolfsburg, Germany
27 August, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
29 August, Rotterdam, Netherlands