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As a confident, outgoing 20-something, I scoffed at the idea of ​​dating on mobile apps, because I was sure I could find a significant other in the “real world.” Unfortunately, the accumulation of a few weekends on the third wheel, constant prodding from my friends, a fair amount of research, and years of social distancing changing the modern dating scene, makes a couple years, I finally dove into the realm of mobile app-based dating.

During the first week, I made two very unexpected discoveries. The first is that app-based dating is a lot of fun. The second is that he was effectively spreading the vegan message. Based on the knowledge I gathered and my experience, here’s a quick guide to app dating that will boost a relationship and help animals, all from the comfort of your phone (that you’ll check every five minutes).

Are there vegan dating apps?

Before we begin, it’s important to note that while a vegan dating app wasn’t used on this occasion, there are options available for those who are strictly interested in dating another vegan, Veggly and Grazer are apps of free dating designed to provide you. one step closer to your plant-drinking soul. Learn more about these, as well as dating without apps, in our guide to vegan celebrity couples!

Online dating tips for vegans

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1 Find the right app

It only takes five minutes to download an app and create a profile, but where do you start? If you’re skeptical about e-dating, the best route to take is the free one. Fortunately, there are dozens of unpaid apps to choose from. After asking friends with experience in this field, as well as researching tons of lists highlighting the best dating apps (like Tinder, Bumble, etc.), I settled on Hinge and Coffee Meets Bagel because they both draw from your network of friends. Facebook and are quite simple to navigate. While there are bound to be outliers on any free dating app, most of these users tend to be looking for relationships rather than a quick fling.

2 Make a connection

Once you’ve matched with someone, let the flirting begin. Focus on common interests, but avoid the standard “What’s your favorite…” questions. These generic queries tend to lead to a dead end or a downward spiral of questions about your trivial likes and dislikes. Try some witty banter to engage your potential partner in conversation, and from there, be your best self. It’s okay if the “vegan thing” comes up. I tell the person I believe in the “you make it” philosophy. This makes me seem like a cold and accepting person. I have found that people respect this attitude and it makes them more receptive to trying vegan food.


3 take control

Congratulations! You have a date! First dates usually involve food, so if you’re dating a meat eater, my advice is to make reservations at your favorite vegan establishment to avoid endless tweaks that might make your date raise an eyebrow or two.

Alternatively, you can amp up your romantic evening and opt for a home-cooked meal. Guide your date around the works while you both make your favorite vegan dish. You’ll relieve your date of the pressure to come up with an idea while making a grand romantic gesture. Let’s face it: very few people enjoy planning the first date for fear of being judged by the other. Suggest an easy, casual dish you’ve made before. Your favorite pasta dinners, Taco Tuesdays, and stir-fries are great choices because they’re often cheap, quick, vegan, and fun.

Regardless of what you end up eating, it says more than just your diet. Focus on your restaurant’s good food or home-cooked food and offer suggestions on how they can adjust the dish to their liking. Personally, I also like to keep the date to an hour or two and leave them wanting more.

4 Go to the next one

It’s great if your date goes well because a second date means a new opportunity for another vegan meal or fun, non-food activity. However, if your date is constantly making vegan jokes, seems completely opposed to the idea of ​​veganism, or just doesn’t click, it might be time to move on.

Unfortunately, there are very few love-at-first-sight situations in the world of online dating. The truth is, it can be a bit of a numbers game. But you can use this to your advantage. Have fun, enjoy your conversations with different people, share lots of vegan meals, and keep the faith. If it’s what you really want, one day you’ll find “the one” to live plant-based forever more.

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