This person on Tinder was given a taste of their own medicine and it didn’t end well


The top contender for Tinder swap of the week is this person who was given a taste of their own medicine, and a very satisfying one at that.

It was shared on Reddit by TechnicallySuperior and has just gone viral for reasons that will become apparent.

Mega phew

“It’s so funny because for a lot of these people, the difference between high and low is 1 inch.”
Galaxy 0

“My ex broke up with me because she was an inch taller than me.”
strong lighting

“If she’s not 5 foot nothing, most guys should be tall compared to her.”

“I’m 5’5″ and I still can’t tell when guys are 6′ vs when they’re 5’10” lmao. There’s no way this girl could tell.

“This reminds me of that reddit comment about a guy who’s 6’2” or something who got together with her little friend’s boyfriend who she said was the same height only to realize that her boyfriend is 5’11” at most and he lied to her but she he was too short to tell the difference, so she believed him. Lmao.’

“How tall are you?”

“6 feet”

“Okay. Let’s have dinner”


“How tall are you?”

“5’11”. “

“Sorry. I don’t date short guys”
creepy shots

To conclude …

“These interactions are so strange.”


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Source Reddit u/Technically Superior

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