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Tinder now adds pronouns as separate relationship type options to user profiles.

Tired of hooking up with someone on an app only to find out later that you’re totally incompatible because one of you is polyamorous and the other is monogamous? Tired of explaining your pronouns after someone swiped right only to not match? Tinder is about to end that era!

As part of the rollout of several new features to the app, Tinder has announced that it’s adding relationship types and pronouns to profiles, avoiding many of the easy mistakes to make when finding your soul mate.

The app surveyed its users and found that 73 percent of young singles across all genders say they want people to be more clear about what they’re looking for in dating apps, and now, Tinder is doing even more easy

You can already choose from many sexual and gender identities on your profile, and now it’s just as easy to add your pronouns! Tinder will have more than fifteen pronoun options and allow users to choose up to four to put on their profile.

In terms of relationship type, members will now be able to tag themselves as interested in monogamy, ethical non-monogamy, open relationships, polyamorous, or open to exploration.

According to Tinder’s survey, 52 percent of Gen Z users prefer monogamous relationships, but 41 percent are open or looking for non-monogamous ones. 36 percent said they are interested in open relationships, and another 26 percent said they would be interested in hierarchical polyamory.

For now, these new pronoun options are only available in the United States, but relationship types will be available in the US, Brazil, France, Netherlands, India, Taiwan, Italy, Spain, Thailand, Sweden, Germany, Mexico, and Canada.

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