Tinder: The app releases ‘helpful screenshots’ against gender and sexual violence

Domestic violence The dating leader joins forces with the Government to promote helplines in the fight against gender and sexual violence

Tinder’s ‘Helpful Screenshots’ aim to remember life-saving numbers on Violence Against Women Day — Tinder

From November 25, the day of the fight against violence against women, and for one year, all Tinder users will no longer be able to ignore these figures: with its campaign entitled “the Useful Screenshots”, the giant of dating partners with the government. promote gender violence numbers and resources. À Through the “Swipe card”, these cards that appear between profiles, users will be asked to take a screenshot of the help numbers and devices that accompany victims of gender-based and sexual violence.

Among these numbers, 3919, the national listening and guidance number, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 17 by phone and 114 by SMS, intended for people who have difficulty speaking or hearing . The application will also allow redirection to the site arrêtonslesviolences.gouv.fr, a platform created by the government to allow reporting violence and finding contacts alongside violence. associations A campaign to remember that in the face of violence there are resources, “even if these figures are often unknown”, explains Benjamin Puygrenier, head of communication at Tinder.

“Violence knows no geographical, cultural or social borders”, declares Isabelle Rome

A partnership between the government and Tinder, in line with the “Great cause of the five years” that Emmanuel Macron wants since his first mandate. “Beyond” the symbolic day of November 25, the fight against violence against women is a constant battle that must mobilize our entire society. Violence ignores geographical, cultural or social borders and interferes in all areas of our daily lives. In this context, I am delighted with the collaboration established with Tinder France to raise awareness and guide victims and witnesses. It is through these types of concrete actions that we can better protect girls and women and that we change mentalities over time”, said Isabelle Rome, Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister for Equality between Women and Men, Diversity and equal opportunities.

For Benjamin Puygrenier, this type of initiative is a continuation of the other functions implemented by Tinder, such as profile verification or the “Does This Bother You? ” (Does this bother you?), which aims to prevent inappropriate behavior on the dating app. “It is a matter that interests us at heart. heart: we are convinced that if there is no underlying educational task, no one will use these numbers”, assures the communication load from Tinder. These maps aim to raise awareness among potential victims, but especially witnesses of sexist and sexual violence, whose role is fundamental in ending the violence. Thus, Tinder users will encounter these numbers several times, until they know them by heart: the operation will last a year.

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