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The US Postal Service (USPS) is one of the largest sources of connection for people across the country, with its vast reach covering more than 163 million addresses and more than 31,000 post offices. But the agency is not always able to reach everyone on a regular basis. Under certain circumstances, the USPS may need to adjust its operations by pausing delivery services for some addresses and closing post offices in affected areas. In fact, the postal service just issued a new suspension on top of the existing issues. Read on to find out all the places where USPS services are suspended right now.

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The postal service usually delivers mail and opens post offices at least five days a week. Millions of Americans depend on regular service, so the USPS makes sure to let consumers know when things change. With this in mind, the agency created its Service Alerts tool specifically to provide online alerts about ongoing service disruptions.

“Residential customers and small businesses can find out if mail is being delivered or if their post offices are open,” the Postal Service. explains on his website.

In 2013, Krista Finazzocurrent USPS vice president of retail and delivery operations, said the service alert website was born from feedback of customers after service disruptions due to natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy.

“We wanted more effective communication with our customers during service outages,” he explained. “Now, residential consumers and business shippers have an easy, online location to learn the operating status of post office and mail processing facilities.”

And given the regular shutdowns customers face, the service is proving more essential than ever.


The USPS made a new update on its Service Alerts tool on Jan. 19 to warn Texas customers about a new outage. According to the alert, the agency has closed its post office in Bullard, Texas. “All operations are temporarily suspended,” the postal service said.

During this closure, customers should go to the post office in Jacksonville, Texas for all of their postal needs, including PO Box service. Bullard Post Office and Jacksonville Post Office are approximately 14 miles apart.

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In a separate local press release released on Jan. 19, the USPS said the Bullard Post Office suspension was effective immediately and will remain in place until further notice. “Out of an abundance of caution and to ensure the safety of both mail customers and employees, the Postal Service is temporarily suspending retail operations at [facility]”, the agency added.

The closure was caused by an accident at the post office, according to local ABC affiliate KLTV. The news reported that Bullard police were called to the post office on Jan. 19 after a vehicle crashed into the building.

“A postal customer drove his personal vehicle into the retail lobby of the Bullard Post Office. The crash caused damage to a wall at the front of the building,” the USPS said in a statement on KLTV. “No employees were injured and the driver of the personal vehicle is being treated by paramedics.”

The agency told the press that postal officials are “currently assessing the damage” caused by the accident and working “to make necessary repairs” to the facility. “The Postal Service will provide additional information when normal operations resume,” the USPS said in its news release.


The Bullard post office might be the USPS’s most recent closure, but it’s hardly the only facility closed to the public.

On Jan. 18, the Postal Service alerted customers to the closure of more than 20 post offices across California and Nebraska due to severe winter storms.

And the agency also closed facilities in North Dakota and Alabama this month. In North Dakota, retail operations at the Stanton post office were suspended Jan. 6 “due to water damage and asbestos abatement.” The USPS added that there is “no current estimate as to when the office will reopen.”

In Alabama, Jack’s Post Office was closed on Jan. 13 after it “suffered structural damage due to the recent return of activity.” According to the agency, “Postal officials will provide an update to customers once a thorough evaluation has been completed.”

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