Viral Video: This Guy Took His Mom On Her First Date; here’s mom’s reaction

When we plan a date, we often choose a place that is far away from any of our relatives. However, this boy, Siddhesh Lokhare, decided to take his mother to meet his date! If this circumstance is hard to imagine, there is more. Neither her mother, Sunita, nor her date, Diksha, had any idea that they knew each other!

Siddhesh, who creates vlogs about different kinds of experiences on social media, was quite nervous about the outcome of his experiment. So was this experiment a failure or a success? Read on to find out.

The video has gone viral on social media, garnering around 2 million views and 234,000 likes. In the video, Siddhesh tells his viewers about his quirky idea and then captures his mother getting dressed for what she thinks will be some time with her son. Meanwhile, her Bumble date was waiting for her at the coffee shop, with no expectation that her date’s mom would be able to follow!

Now here’s how the two reacted!

The ladies handled the surprise as best they could, they greeted each other and Diksha even touched mom’s feet. They can be seen bonding, chatting and having a good time in the video, while Siddhesh expresses his surprise in the video that there was no awkwardness!

Diksha also explained to her mother how Bumble worked and the mother clearly seemed less than impressed with the idea of ​​online dating.

“I met my Bumble date along with my mom and it was… Warning: This was shot and uploaded with the consent of these two beautiful ladies. Baaki, tum dekh lo,” read the caption of the publication

Netizens went wild watching the video and shared their reactions in the comments section.

“Still can’t believe how the girl was so comfortable and didn’t get uncomfortable at all. Kudos to her. Beautiful,” one social media user wrote.

“I would run away,” commented one user.

“Meri maa hoti toh Ghar Jane Tak ka wait karti, iske baad na hota Mera phone aur na hota mai Ghar pe,” added another.

Would you ever try this experiment or would you like to meet your date’s mom or dad?

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