West Bengal: Wife and son kill ex-navy man in pattern similar to Shraddha Walker’s murder

Baruipur (WB): In a similar plot to the Shraddha Walker murder case, the wife and son allegedly killed an ex-navy officer and cut the corpse into several pieces to further dump it all over a West Bengal town, they said the police officials.

After their arrest on Saturday, the woman and her son claimed they were “continuously tortured” by ex-navy man Ujjwal Chakraborty, a senior police officer from Baruipur police district in South 24 said. Parganas.

According to the police, Chakraborty had hit his head with a chair at his home in Baruipur after being pushed by his son, a carpentry student of a polytechnic, who then allegedly strangled him to death on November 12.

Chakraborty, 55, had retired from the navy about 12 years ago.

“After killing Chakraborty, his wife and son took his body into the bathroom. The son then used a hacksaw from his equipment bag from carpentry class to cut the body into six pieces and then threw them in and around his neighborhood,” the police officer said.

The son took the plastic-wrapped body parts on at least six trips to his cycle and dumped them about 500m away in Khas Mallick and Dehimedan Malla areas, he said.

“Both Chakraborty’s legs have been recovered under a garbage dump, while his head and stomach were recovered from a pond in Dehimedan Malla,” he said.

The search for other body parts, including the hands, is still ongoing.

The mother-son duo became police suspects when they reported a missing newspaper in the early hours of November 15.

“What shocked us was the moment they went to the Baruipur police station to file the missing report. We found discrepancies in their versions and grilled them. The son eventually confessed to the crime,” the police officer said.

Initial investigation revealed that Chakraborty had refused his son a sum of Rs 3,000 to appear for an exam, following which a fight broke out between them.

“Chakraborty had slapped his son, who in retaliation pushed his father who fell unconscious after hitting his head on a chair. The son then strangled him to death,” the police officer said.

Shraddha Walker had been brutally murdered and her body cut into 35 pieces by her live-in partner Aftab Poonawalla in Delhi.

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