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Have you ever matched with someone on Tinder who isn’t on the same page as you? For example, you love video games and have never played a game in your life. This happened a lot in the early days, but then Tinder introduced interests so people could connect over a common ground. With the best options, Tinder analyzes all local profiles and shows you the ones it thinks are ‘swipe-worthy’. Let’s talk about what the best options are on Tinder, as well as whether it’s worth it.

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Top Picks on Tinder is basically Tinder’s own matchmaking service. This feature can only really be taken advantage of by Tinder Gold subscribers as it will allow you to see who has liked you.


What are the best options on Tinder?

On Tinder, many features have been added over the years to make matching (and avoiding) easier. Some of them are exclusive premium and others are available for free.

Some features straddle the line between free and premium. Super Likes was once in this category, where free users got one free Super Likes per week. Today, the best options are identified as a free and premium feature.


Top Picks is basically Tinder playing matchmaking. Tinder will choose the profiles that seem to be the best fit for you. These profiles are labeled as “Top Picks” and will appear in the Top Picks section of the Gold Home tab.

All users receive a free Top Pick per day. Tinder Gold and Platinum subscribers see more and better options daily. Plus, if you pay for Tinder Gold or Tinder Platinum, you can pay even more to buy the best extra options!

How to be the best pick on Tinder

There is no surefire way to become a Top Pick. You see, the best options are customized based on the accounts. If you like anime and someone else likes anime, you may appear as one of their top picks based on interest. The opposite happens with someone who would like to exercise; if you don’t add exercise as an interest, it probably won’t appear in your top choices.

The best advice would be to develop your Tinder profile as much as possible. Add more photos and information to help Tinder’s algorithm find you on someone else’s top list. Be concise, but as detailed as possible.

Does Tinder tell you if you’re one of the best?

No, Tinder doesn’t tell you if you’re one of the best. There’s no way to know if it shows up as someone’s top pick.

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