What are the DON’TS of visiting the NETHERLANDS? in 2022

Updated: 07-2022

What should you absolutely NOT do in the Netherlands?
Which things are a clear NO-GO in Dutch culture?
Which topics should you AVOID?
What are the DON’TS of the Netherlands?

That’s what we asked to learndutch.org followers and virtual classroom students.

In this video we learn 27 don’ts about visiting Holland… (oops, that’s one of the ‘dont’s’… don’t say that, say ‘the Netherlands’ instead!).

Do you know more things that you should NOT do in the Netherlands. Write it in the comments below the video!

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Video produced by:
Bart de Pau
(online Dutch teacher and founder of the Dutch Summer School and Dutch Winter School)

Editing: Nicolás Balbontín, Kim van den Corput, Bart de Pau

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