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When it comes to connecting with people, Tinder makes the process very easy. Everyone knows how to swipe right and up, but in recent years they’ve added a feature exclusive to Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum that lets you see who likes you. When these people are revealed, you have the option to like them again and immediately match with a gold heart. Let’s talk about what that golden heart means on Tinder.

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A gold heart appears on someone’s Tinder profile if you’re a Tinder Gold subscriber and they like you. Likes You is a premium feature exclusive to Tinder Gold (and Platinum) that lets you see who likes you. If you match them using this feature, the conversation will be marked with a gold heart.


What does the gold heart mean on Tinder?

Hearts of Gold appear on Tinder whenever Tinder Gold’s You like the feature is involved. If someone likes you and you’re a Tinder Gold subscriber, their profile will have a gold heart. If you go to the Like tab and re-like someone, your match will have a gold heart.

The Like tab on Tinder.location of the golden heart of esca in the profileWhen someone likes you and you’re a Tinder Gold subscriber.

Some see it as a public display of seriousness in using the platform. A fair amount of people use the app without taking it seriously, so gold hearts basically say that you’re serious enough to buy the membership. At the same time, it is quite indiscreet.

What is Tinder Gold?

Tinder Gold logo in the app

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Tinder Gold is one of Tinder’s three premium subscriptions. coast $24.99 (1 month), $12.50 (6 months)or $8.33 (12 months) allowed.

With Tinder Gold, you get:

I like unlimited
Unlimited rewinds
Tinder Passport
Removal of ads
5 Super Likes per week
1 boost per month
I like it, sign in
New top picks every day

The Likes You feature is where the gold hearts come in, as mentioned. Whether or not it’s worth it depends on how much value you place on that particular feature, and how active you are on the platform, period.

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